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Thursday, July 05, 2007

PRINCE "Planet Earth" CD Givevaway and NEW Fragance Kick-off

Always the innovator, the ever creative icon, PRINCE,

has come up with a new, exciting marketing plan for this latest CD "Planet Earth". This is a plan that has turned the music industry upside down and set local retailers in Britain into chaos causing great controversy about the new future of music retailing as presented by the one and only Prince.

As part of his plan to get the music directly into the hands of the fans, PRINCE will be delivering the CD "Planet Earth" to 3 million readers in the United Kingdom of the Mail on Sunday publication on July 15th 2007.

PRINCE has been giving copies of his new album "Planet Earth" away with concert tickets to his London O2 date. His Purpleness has scheduled 21 nights of concerts. The first day tickets went on sale 15 concerts sold out in just one hour.

"Planet Earth" is expected to top the charts (Prince's last album, 3121, went straight to No 1) "Planet Earth" is an ingenious mix of compelling stimulating rock and relaxing, easy going soul.

Those fans in Minneapolis who will be attending the show on Saturday, July 7, 2007, the concert is billed as 777, will receive the Purple One's new fragrance in special ticket fragrance package offerings.

Early kick off for Global 3121 Perfume Charity Event On-line.

This artist whose originality of thought, and expression is renown is debuting a new fragrance called 3121 perfume. It is described as an "equisite, exotic, mysterious kaleidoscope rich florals". It is a scent to suit PRINCE, himself, and all his fans.

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