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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI: Other Christian Denominations Are Fake

In a report issued on Tuesday, that has the world of Christiandom reeling Pope Benedict XVI has declared other Christian denominations "not real churches".

Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church. He does however give a back handed pass to the Greek Orthodox Church. Orthodox churches are indeed "churches" because they have apostolic succession and enjoy "many elements of sanctification and of truth." But because they do not recognize the primacy of the Roman Catholic pope — a defect, or a "wound" has harmed them.

In a decree issued on Saturday, Pope Benedict XVI authorized wider use of the old Latin mass.

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American League Wins Another MLB ALLSTAR Game

It was 5-4 vicotry by the American League over the National League in the annual traditional ALLSTAR Game held at A,T & T Park in San FRancisco last night.

Overnight television ratings reports indicate a drop in veiwership on television. Tuesday night drew an 8.4 rating and 15 share on Fox, averaging 12.5 million viewers.
That's a drop of about 2 million fans who watched at home.

The game was not without controversy.

Albert Pujols, of the St. Louis Cardinals, was upset because he did not get to play.

Pujols is a six-time ALLSTAR, who finished more than a half million votes behind starting first baseman Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brwers.

Pujols along with Texas Rangers' shortstop Michael Young the game's MVP in 2007 -- were the only position players who didn't get into the game. When the 2002 competition ended in an extra-innings tie, managers have tended to hold a hitter back just in case.

Since 2003 the pennant winner of the league winning the ALLSTAR Game has been awarded home field advantage for the upcoming World Series.

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