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Saturday, July 28, 2007

BEYONCE Rolls in Orlando, Florida, Tyra Banks Has A Man, Jay-Z Leaving Def Jam?

Clark Dark here with an update on Beyonce Knowles and other celebrities in the news.

Beyonce Knowles, always the consumate entertainment professional, truly misspoke when following her close encounter with about a dozens steps during a performance in Orlando, Florida last week she made a request which caused a rush to post video clips on the Google owned web site YouTube.

According to persons present during the performance mishap Knowles urged her fans following the impromptu choreographic theatrics, "If you taped that, please don't put it on YouTube." The star's record label, SonyBMG, has been working overtime to search and destroy all eveidence of the incident found at the YouTube site and similar Web pages.

All I can say is Bey if you was injured we do not know. You was cool the whole entire time. You fell; you got up and you looked marvelous the whole time!

Let's all drink a toast and thank the powers that be for the fact Tyra Banks has finally found a man! Her new beau is New York investment banker John Utendahl. She coulda had me. I heard her complaining about not having a man on some radio show with Maya Angelou. I tried to call in to tell her I was available but the line was busy or my cell phone service was inadequate. I was out of range. Oh all right I have a cheap cell phone. It's a Blackberry.

Meanwhile word on the street and among those in the know in the recording industry is Beyonce Knowles' number one man, recording executive Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z could be leaving Island Def Jam to go over to Columbia Records. Def Jam co-found Rick Rubin is now the Columbia co-chair. My sources tell me Rubin's revamping his staff at Columbia, and that having Jay-Z as part of the super group staff is perfectly logical; especially when one considers Jay-Z will bring ownership of his own master recordings as well as his personal protege chart-topper Rihanna along as part of the deal. The other added benefit is Jay-Z's lady Beyonce is at Columbia, too.

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