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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lance Briggs Returns To The Bears For 7.2 Million Dollars, Michael Irvin In The NFL HOF

Hello readers. Clark Dark here to introduce my favorite mocha-chocolate sweetie GIRL6 with an NFL report. GIRL.

Thanks Clark. You know you're lookin' all the way fineas usual. You don't wanna do nuthin' do you? Heh, heh, heh!

Lance Briggs is coming back to the Chicago Bears' team and signing the one year franchise tender for $7.2 million.

I tip my hat to this brother! After all of his public, very emotional outbursts, all his "not-gonna-play-another-snap-for-the-organization-ever-again" talk, his missing mini camp, OTA's and being "missing in action" since Super Bowl -- after all of that, he got the "tag" as the Bears First Time Franchise Player. He comes back to his team, ready to play. That is all that matters.

I believe this brother had a legitimate issue. His response was emotional. What I find commendable and uplifiting is he took all he his time to consider the options and he made a decision; his decision was to do what is RIGHT, for HIM, his family and ultimately for his team, as a member of that team. More so as a ball player. He wants to play. Dammit.

Now all the media reports say "he owes fans and media an explanation".
NO HE DOESN'T. The fact he turned about, came back and is not bitter is the explanation. Man, they just got to make a brother pay and pay, don't they? Black man just has to give over everything even when he's at his lowest and trying to get up. That tax is just that special!

He never owed anyone anything. Only himself. And what ever would have been in the best interest of him, as a player, which is what he was seeking.

It could've been an easy decision and I am sure he thought on it long and hard as time went on; as camp came near, the real reality settled in. Nothing stays the same ever in anything and from what I see--he had a victory. From what I have learned about him---I knew he would make the best choice and he would come back at it as a man. There is the hope he has grown from this whole thing. That is my hope for him.

I hope he will have a great, stupendous, spectacular season for himself and then get on with it--out of Chicago or with Chicago going forward--he succombed to what had to be in his heart and I applaud that. If he and his teammates can move forward, which they seem to have chosen to do, if they can get to what this game is about, so be it. Let the whole episode be like water under a bridge.

This is the kind of player I want my nephew to be. To look to Briggs example as to what to do when it comes to deciding how to respond do when your back is against the wall.

Finally--I just want to say a hearty and worthy congratulations and IT'S 'BOUT TIME to Michael Irvin for his coming induction into the Football Hall of Fame Class of 2007 which is taking place this weekend August 4th. Despite what his persoanl life and all have been--he deserves the honor as one of the great ballers in this game and I hope former Redskin Art Monk soon will finally have his rightful place there as well.

That is my piece. I'm GIRL6..thanks a lot.

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