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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Gives Critique of Jessica Simpson and Other "Acting" Peers

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan was recently overheard at a Hollywood party proclaiming herself the "greatest actress in the world,", while she was also heard to launch a vicious verbal attack on her Hollyweird peers.

Lohan a singer/actress was arrested for investigation of misdemeanour driving under the influence and with a suspended license, and felony cocaine possession in past months was reported as stating that Sienna Miller is a "no talent crackhead,"; Scarlett Johansson is "ugly; Keira Knightley is a "flat, shallow, cardboard cut-out of an actress". Lohan was also accused Jessica Simpson fo being "dumb".

Lohan, one of the stars of "mean Girls" did not seem to looking to make friends as she sharply criticized her peers.

Lohan was expected to co-star with Knightley in new Dylan Thomas film "The Edge Of Love" but dropped out of the project; when she did she was replaced by Miller.

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Murphy Says He Is The Father of Mel B's Daughter

Clark Dark here with this update on the Eddie Murphy "Who's Your Daddy" paternity saga....

Finally after nearly 5 month Eddie Murphy has acknowledged he is the father of Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown's baby daughter Angel Iris.

This confession came on Thursday, only one day after a news conference held by Mel B and her attorney Gloria "I-Love-Publicity-Get'em-By-The-Short-Hairs" Allred, where it was announced Brown had filed in the Superior Court a petition for sole sutody of the child and "reasonable" support for the daughter whom Mel B has always said is Murphy's daughter despite his protestatons to the contrary. It was also the same day some folks say they saw Nicole Mitchell, Murphy's former wife, in the company her youngest daughter by Murphy enjoying a "Girl Power-Power Luncheon" with Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown at the Ivy a chic restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Gotta hand it to them females....Tracey, Mel B, Gloria Allred, Nicole Mitchell... Looks like they applied just the right amount of pressure. Murphy seems to have had no choice but to acquiesce.

In a statement released on Friday through his publicist Murphy, 46, says he, "always has and will continue to honor his responsibilities as a father."

The statement said, "Mr. Murphy and Ms. Brown dated very briefly and never made any plans of ANY sort. He acknowledges paternity of the child Angel, and has paid child support to Ms. Brown as well as covering the expenses of her pregnancy."

We know Mel B, age 32, differs with Mruphy's version of their relationship and so she says, "Angel is my baby and Eddie's. She will always know that she was planned and wanted by both of us."

According to the statement from Eddie's publicist Murphy "views this as a private matter and as such, will not be making any further comments about it."

And that ladies and gents is all he has to say about this matter. Next the date of his marriage to producer Tracey Edmonds....check back for more info....I'm taking bets that it won't happen....we shall see what we shall see....

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Eddie Mruphy, Tracey Edmonds, Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown and Gloria Allred-Clark Dark Reports

Clark Dark with more on Eddie, Tracey, Scary, Nicole, Gloria....

As comedian Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds,have announced their engagement to be married his ex-wife, former model Nicole Murphy and Melanie Brown, a former member of the Spice Girls, the group that coined the phrase "Girl Power" - the mother of his new daughter - were seen enjoying a girls lunch out. A Kind of "Girl Power Lunch Meeting". The pair were spotted together at exclusive Beverly Hills eatery The Ivy on last Thursday, accompanied by the Spice Girl's baby Angel Iris and the youngest of Nicole's five children with Eddie, five-year-old Bella Zahra.

Onlookers report lots of laughter along with conversation shared during the luncheon, with Murphy's ex-wife abd ex-lover seeming to be getting on quite well. Former model Nicole Mitchell was wed to the comic actor and stand-up jokster for 12 years when the marriage to the Dreamgirls actor ended in August 2006. He now pays child support for their five children ...a son and four girls.

It was only the day before their lunch appointment, Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown had held a news conference with her legal representative Gloria "Over-the-Top" Allred to announce she had filed a petition to seek sole custody of four-month-old Angel and child support from Murphy.

Looks like they're planning to surround Murphy with the wagons...stay tuned for more on this developing intrigue....

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