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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baisden Foundation Helps U.S. Political Prisoners

CLICK HERE to read about the Baisden Foundation's fund raiser to help political prisoners in the United States.

The Baisden Foundation was established following the March On Jena, Louisiana in support of the Jena 6. The foundation's purpose, in association with the National Bar Association, is to assist the thousands of youths, black youths in particular, who have been unjustly imprisioned around the nation.
Many like Genarlow Wilson and Mychael Bell and his co-defendants int the Jena 6 matter have been detained on trumped up charges with excessive bail amounts imposed for what otherwise wouldbe considered misdemeanors.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Damon Wayans, Star Jones-Reynolds YouThinkWhat's Clark Dark Celebrity Round-Up

Clark Dark here with the latest edition of Celebrity Round featuring news about Beyonce, Jay-Z, LL Cool J and so many more of the stars you want to know about.First up Beyonce, that booty-licious babe is steeped in controversy over this picture:

featured on a Las Vegas Nevada billboard for a local Sin City metro area radio station. Some residents find the ad offensive. This doesn't look offensive to me. In fact I think it's rather tame in a hot, Hot HOT way! Lucky Jay-Z!

Speaking of Jay-Z his new CD, "American Gangster" has been released and LLCool J takes issue with the fact the record mogul's own recording has take priorty over the releases of other artisits at the label he heads. Hmmmm wonder what that's about?

Star Jones-Reynolds has clarified her position in her dealings with a Detroit Charity. Check out what our investigators have found. Star you should know if Mr. Reynolds ever acts up I'm available and it could be you and me Babe! I love you.

Finally there is the matter of remarks by comedian Damon Wayans. When it comes to comedy you're no D.L.Hugely. Your remarks about the young ladies on the Rutgers University Women's basketball team are just not funny. You had one too many words in your attempt at hilarity. Calling the team members "nappy-headed 'ho's" ala Imus is easy for you. Your hair took leave of your head sometimte ago. Along with, I might add, your sense of what is comical. Your remarks may have had some humor when you were growing up with your Wayans siblings. As an adult your comment is just not funny. Sorry, D.

I'm Clark Dark for YouThinkWhat.com

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