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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dan Fogelberg, Singer/Songwriter Dead Age 56 Prostate Cancer

As the old year draws to a close we are saddened to report the death of another great musical artist. Dan Fogelberg, age 56, the singer/songwriter died Sunday , December 16, 2007 at home in Maine. He succombed to an agressive form of cancer of the prostate.

Fogelberg had been diagnosed in 2004 with what was described by doctors as an advanced form of this deadly disease.

When Fogelberg received the diagnosis he was moved to post an imporatant message on his web site to all men over the age of 50 urging them to have a regular specialized blood test and examination for rectal and prostate cancers. Those men who have a family history of prostate cancer or men of Black African descent should be screened thoroughly and regularly. The disease is believed to be one that is not preventable, but if detected and treated early patients will avoid the damages of a more virulent form of cancer.

Fogelberg's message encouraging testing for early detection of this form of cancer is his legacy and is, in our opinion, equally as important as his musical contributions to our society.

Thank you for the music of life. Rest in peace.

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