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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Oscar Peterson Music 1925-2007

We really enjoy and thoroughly appreciate the musical talents of the late pianist Oscar Peterson. We wish to share his music with you. Oscar Peterson died at his home in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga on Sunday, December 23, 2007.

The following piece is one of our favorites. In this recording of a live performance,The Oscar Peterson Trio at the Berlin Philarmonie on July 2, 1985, Oscar is accompanied by the late Niels Henning Oersted Pedersen on bass and Martin Drew on percussion. The trio plays Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein's romantic ballad "Falling in Love With Love". Enjoy!


Oscar Peterson Dies-Piano Jazz Innovator

Jazz legend, 82 year old, Oscar Peterson is dead. Listen as he plays piano accompaniment for the great Ella Fitzgerald

Oscar Peterson born in 1925 in Montreal, Canada, was the epitome of musical style and class. His speedy finger technique and innovative genius make him one of the best known and admired pianists of our time.

Among his musical peers he his described as "the finest techinician" , a pacesetter for "everybody that followed him". Duke Ellington called him the "Maharajah of the keyboard". Count Basie said "Oscar Peterson plays the best ivory box I've ever heard."

Peterson's impressive collection of awards include all of Canada's highest honors, such as the Order of Canada, as well as a Lifetime Grammy given in 1997 and a position of honor in the International Jazz Hall of Fame.

Peterson learned to play both the trumpet and the piano at a young age, but an episode of tuberculosis is the reason he concentrated on piano.
Peterson is known fo being able to play things with one hand that most pianists couldn't do with both hands.

Peterson was a man of great physical stature standing more than 6 feet tall at 6'3" and weighing over 200 pounds, he was often mistaken for a football athlete.

In his native Canadaduring 2005 Petersonbecame the only living person other than a reigning monarch have the government issue a commemorative stamp in his honor. In Canada there are parks, squares, concert halls and schools name for him because his is considered to be music royalty.

In 1993 Peterson suffered a stroke that weakened his left hand. By 1994 a year after the stroke he was back on tour, and amde a recording "Side By Side" with violinist Itzhak Perlman.

As Oscar Peterson once said about the style of music for which he is best known while conceding jazz did not have the mass appeal of other musical genres:

"A jazz player is an instant composer. You have to think about it, it's an intellectual form."

Peterson is survived by his wife Kelly and their daughter Celine.


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Merry Christmas 2007

We, all of us, are fortunate to be able to celebrate another Merry Christmas. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing you are fortunate to be able to say, "Merry Christmas".
Be grateful for all the blessings you have received. Be grateful for all the blessings you will receive. If you do not like the way your life is today, begin knowing you can today make the start of a new life for yourself. Be at peace, be joyful today is a very Merry Christmas everywhere on the planet. There is a blessing in all that happens. That's what we think. Merry Christmas!

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