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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shawn R. Jones Poet Makes Debut

New Jersey author, poet, Shawn R. Jones has a new book of poems to be released by Finishing Line Press on May 9, 2008
Jones' first published collection of poems, "Womb Rain" has been chosen by the publisher to be a selection in the New Women's Voices Series, item number 61 at Finishing Line Press. This is a very great honor for any writer.

Jones' work has been reviewed by two well known published poets Charles Lynch and J.T. Barbarese. They describe Shawn R. Jones' writing as passionate and vivd.

Order your copy today, and receive shipping at No Charge if you place your order before April 11, 2008
Advance purchase of "Womb Rain" is available now. Click here to order.

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