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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Beyonce, Jay-Z/Shawn Carter, Sean Levert, Charlton Heston Clark Dark's Celebrity Round-Up

Clark Dark here with the lovely, delectable, curvaceous chocolate cutie GIRL6 who has news about some big-time celebrity newlyweds. GIRL?Thank you Clark. It seems Mr. Knowles daughter is now Mr. Carter's wife. Talk about a high profile marriage. Rumors abound all over Manhattan and the rest of New York when it was reported Shawn Carter and Beyonce Knowles had applied for a marriage license last week in Scarsdale. The document is good for 60 days to take marriage vows. Last month Bey was seen wearing a diamond band more fuel for the rumor mills and finally friends of the couple confirmed a May wedding was definitely in the future. Friday caterers, outdoor tent and decorating suppliers were seen arriving at Jay-Z's Manhattan penthouse. Later close family , friends and celebrity guests arrived at Carter's TriBeCa apartment reportedly after the private ceremony. Knowles, a native of Houston, Texas has been dating Cater for six years, they met during the recording of her videos "Crazy In Love" and Deja Vue". She gained fame in her own right with the former girl group "Destiny's Child". Carter is a street hustler-turned-rapper now record executive who is negotiating a contract for $150 million when accepted will be the biggest musci contract ever. Clark...

Thanks Six. The family of the late Sean Levert has requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation to begin investigating the death of their family member in an Ohio county jail facility one week ago today. Family members suspect there was foul play in the death of the late R&B singer who was incarcerated for criminal non support for his children.

One of Hollywood's iconic actors has died. Charlton Heston is dead at 84. The man who gave face to the biblical Moses, historical Roman times as Juddah Ben-Hur and most recently the face of the National Rifle Association, announced six years ago he exhibited symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease. Cause of death has not been reported. Heston's family was present when he succumbed. Visit Our Forum: Tell Us What You Think!