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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Star Jones, Al Reynolds, Ivana Trump, Juanita Bynum, Thomas Weeks

April 2008 is turning out to be a very romantic month for several celebrities. For exampleBeyonce Knowles and her amorata, Jay-Z, Shawn Carter, are believed to have been married earlier this month.

Also in April at the posh Florida estate of her famous former husband, Ivana threw a huge society celebration of her fourth walk down the aisle. The ex-Mrs Donald Trump was The Donald's first wife; he was her second husband. Now Ivana has taken the marriage vows again for the fourth time. And her groom is an Italian actor, model, producer, writer-whatever,Rosanno Rubicondi, who is twenty-four years her junior. Ivana sounds like one of the Gabor women, though she is from Czechoslovachia. She has much in common with Zsa-zsa. Both have been married to hotel moguls. Zsa-zsa was married to Baron Hilton, and Ivana was the wife of The Donald, who has hotel properties around the world, too. Both women come from behind the Iron Curtain. Ivana may be the new 21st Century version of Zsa-zsa Gabor with serial marriages to her claim, even more so than the several times married and hooked up Jennifer Lopez.

On the not-so-romantic side, during this month it was announced tv personality Star Jones-Reynolds has filed for divorce from her husband Al.It appears this dissolution of marriage will be private rather than part two of the media circus that surrounded their marriage celebration nearly four years ago in November 2004.

Another couple married in a super-de-duper fairytale wedding ceremony is headed for divorce court. Juanita Bynum, evangelist, author, singer and poster-child for spousal abuse will be providing televised testimony in hopes of securing a divorce from her husband minister Thomas W. Weeks III. Bynum will be appearing on episodes of the television program of the same name on Thursday, April 24 and Friday, April 25,2008. No word on whether or not Weeks will be on the show, too. He's on probation for assaulting her last year.

And finally an announcement with the potential for a happy ending: Jessica Simpson's little sister, Ashlee Simpson, has agreed to marry musician Peter Wentz of the Fall Out Boy's band. Their engagement was announced earlier this month. We wish them success.

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