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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lance Briggs, R. Kelly Male Celebrities Gone Wild!

Clark Dark here, your Infotainment reporter to introduce my momma, Blanche Africa Reilly Dark. Mom has a few words to say about two very popular celebrities...Mom...

Thank you, Clark baby. You make your mother so proud. I'm glad I am not the mother of either Lance Briggs or Robert Kelly.

Firstly I want to say I admire these men for their talent inside of their profession. I think Lance Briggs is worth every dollar of the 7.5 million he's being paid to play professional football in Chicago. He's an outstanding athlete.

And R. Kelly I believe is the best R&B composer around. He's even re-invigorated a musical style that was long forgotten, opera. R. Kelly is responsible for the resurgence of opera albeit in an R&B modern style.

But the personal lives of these men is disgraceful! And yes I believe I am qualified to comment on their personal lives since the sordid details of the lives of both men have been over-publicized.To my chagrin it is Too Much Information.

I do not wish to know about Briggs' roguish escapdes, not the least of which involves 3 females pregnant at the same time; nor do I care to hear any further information about R. Kelly's penchant, perverted penchant, yes I said it, for young, underage in particular, females.

A word about parents of the young women in these reports: There are many young people who do not care, nor are they tryin' to hear what their parents are tellin' them. For anyone who does not have children the following fact may come as news to you. Young people are imbued by The Creator with free will and they exercise it whenever possible. Frequently this first manifests during the time their hormones begin to run up and down the outside of their bodies. Many of today's young adults are dismissive of the advice provided by the very people who care for them the most. Good parents, rich or poor, are concerned and have their children's best interests at heart. This does not mean the children are responsive and heed the advice expressed.

There is also the scheming nature of some young females. Briggs 7.5 million dollars or R. Kelly's fame are APDs-Automatic Panty Droppers, in some circles of young women who believe they, themselves, have no self worth. The fantasy of Briggs or Kelly sharing their material wealth with them in exchange for sexual favors is just that...FANTASY! Why else are we hearing of court trials and lawyers and all manner of litigation for these women to get the justice they feel they deserve?

I'm just glad neither Lance nor Robert is my son.

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