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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paris Hilton, Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy, Rihanna, Chris Brown-Clark Dark Reports

Hello celebrity watchers, I'm Clark Dark with enfotainment news...here's the latest:

Former NFL star Michael Strahan gives new meaning to keeping an eye on his lover. It was recently exclusively reported by some New York tabloid that Strahan had a tracking device installed on the vehicle of his now former love-honey Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of comic Eddie Murphy. Seems Michael had suspected Nicole was not entirely committed to him. According to reports she'd been sharing some close intimate times and emails with Universal Records A&R executive Demetrius Spencer. No need to be concerned about it now. The tracking device was found in Murhpy's car and removed; Strahan was to say in the least disappointed. He has a history of being insecure about his relationships. It's the 21st Century technology at work in so many creative ways, folks

More love notes about Rihanna and Chris Brown... the popular couple will be in court on Thursday in Los Angeles. Amid reports of possible charges to be lodged by the Distric Attorney against Chris Brown, Diddy is helping them to reconcile and TMZ reports Rihanna in her police interview claims the beatings were becoming worse. I'd like to say to all young ladies, teens, and up: no one has the right to physically abuse you. No one has the right to make a point by hitting, slapping, harming you in any way. Being fearful of a guy who allegedly cares for you, while trying to avoid a beatdown is not the way a healthy relationship is conducted. Eventually your self-esteem and your morale will be as damaged as your physical body.

With all this unhappy relationship news word from the Hilton household is that Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris, is advising her daughter to stay away from the dating scene. Momma Hilton believes her baby, Paris, should have time to heal from the devastating November 2008 break up with Benji Madden.
"My dating advice for Paris would be just to take your time. It is okay to be alone; you don’t have to always be with someone."

To help her heal there are reports of Paris's plans for a super b'day party in Las Vegas...you know the place where what happens there stays there...plus she's reportedly got a brand new bitch: one tiny teacup Pomeranian, a designer pooch, purchased during a recent business trip to Tokyo to promote Samantha Thavasa, a line designed by her sister Nicky Hilton. Meanwhile reports abound that Hilton's latest ex-beau is now sniffing around Katie Perry. I say Paris listen to your mother, but when you're ready to kick it again. holla atcha man Clark.

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