Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas: Shills for Big Pharma?

During a recent YouThinkWhat staff meeting there was a discussion about the controversial health care extremes taken by international film star Angelina Jolie, and the new, incredible disclosure by actor, an admitted sex addict, Michael Douglas. The question was posed:  Are Angelina Jolie and Michael Douglas shills for big pharma? Did each of them get paid..Big Time?

“…without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), which actually comes from cunnilingus.”~ Michael Douglas, actor, admitted sex addict, in an interview with the UK’s Guardian Newspaper/online web site describing the type of throat cancer for which he’d been treated.

After much discussion we have concluded these two Hollyweird pop stars are likely being paid by and working for the big pharmaceutical companies for their own benefit. We suspect there is probably a good deal of money being transacted; financial deals are taking place no one, not even our venerated American free press, is talking about. And as usual John and Jane Q. Public are on the short end of the stick getting fleeced once again. Manipulated by the fear induced when the word CANCER is spoken.

Firstly, Angelina Jolie, who does not even have cancer, who supposedly has a high risk of cancer has her breasts cut off. She does not seek alternative therapies; she does not change her diet, or follow any healthful path that might help her avoid the cancer risk. She simply, possibly giving into fear, has her breasts cut off.  Mutilation, an extreme measure, solves the problem. Why would she do this?

Secondly, Michael Douglas, an actor who has long had problems with cancer, claims he obtained the cancer from cunnilingus, when in fact this cannot be proved, and most experts concur, it is highly unlikely. Why would he say that?

We think they may be secret, undercover cancer industry representatives, shills.

Consider, Angelina Jolie, an actress who is renown for her beauty; she is not widely recognized for her mental acumen. She, and long time fiance Brad Pitt, have several children. Jolie has always reportedly been an oddball.

According to Baby Center, a web site which features a calculator for estimating the cost to raise a child in the U.S. today,  it costs upwards of a half million U.S. dollars to raise one child. Angelina has six little crumb snatchers. That is more than three million dollars for just the basics: of  food clothing, shelter and education, for her brood; we’re not even talking about the extravagant extras film stars often lavish upon their children.

Jolie is also known to be a philanthropist who donates to many international worldwide humanitarian programs through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In 2001 Jolie was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador at UNHCR headquarters in Geneva after having became personally aware of worldwide humanitarian crises, contacting the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for information on international trouble spots; prior to being designated the High Commissioner’s special envoy in order to expand her knowledge about conditions in war torn locations she visited Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cambodia and Pakistan.

The costs for these humanitarian fact finding missions was paid for by the actress herself. Although she may have lived in the same rudimentary living and working conditions as UNHCR field staff on all of her visits, commercial flights from LA to most anywhere in the world don’t come cheap.

When one is an international film star traveling with companion,  six children, assistants, nannies, hairdressers and the whole entire entourage, once she arrives at the destination, and before the troupe leaves,  said altruistic film star is compelled to make a monetary donation to be used by the local less fortunate. A crisp fifty dollar bill will not do. A check for a considerable amount more is appropriate.

We believe Jolie, who readily was convinced of her fate to develop breast cancer, as a hereditary condition; her mother died at a young age from the dread disease, would gladly publicize having a radical surgical procedure, such as a double mastectomy to prevent future health issues, for a tidy sum, say twenty or forty million dollars, with hospitalization and reconstructive surgery costs included in the big pay day.

We suspect Jolie was in need of a payday…and not the candy bar of the same name; she needed the cash to continue to promote her pseudo saint-like persona. We think, as does Beth Capriotti, of Philadelphia, Angelina has done more harm than good.

“I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer. ” ~ Angelina Jolie, My Medical Choice, NY Times Op-ed piece May 14, 2013

The previous statement is a misleading one. There is no evidence to establish the radical double mastectomy she’s elected to undergo will prevent the development of the breast cancer she believes she could have gotten had she kept her mams intact.

There are different types of BRCA testing, ranging in cost from $475 to about $4,000. Genetic counselors are utilized in determining what type of testing is indicated. Testing can be less expensive once a mutation has been identified within a family.

We see this process as being the same as the one wherein the auto salesman determines if you should buy that top of the line model Infinity based on how much money you’ve got in your monthly budget for payments that will go on for the length of time described by the make of the car… an infinity. Shill alert. Shill alert. A big star like Angelina Jolie gets the $4000 test treatment, because the insurance company representative persuaded or likely with the help of the medical counselors frightened her into believing she needed the most expensive test and breast removal. Jolie is promoting protocols which, according to medical experts, have proven to be ineffective in cancer prevention.

Being such a star, there is also the promise of financial reward, if she will write a New York Times Op-ed piece, what is commonly considered on the web an informational, sales promotional, affiliate post.

Michael Douglas’ case is somewhat different. He has had cancer for quite a while. He likely has huge medical bills. He likely also needs money. He wants to get in on the paid for endorsement gravy train. The challenge is to figure out how he can compete with Angelina Jolie posting in the New York Times about her medical choice.

Then he has a flash of brilliance. No need for an article. All he needs to do is state during an interview in the UK with The Guardian he got cancer from cunnilingus, and he can easily eclipse Jolie. Everybody knows the British tabloid media outlets love a sensational exclusive interview with popular American movie stars; besides the exposure is guaranteed international just because it’s in the UK and involves American publicity!

Two days later  he receives an award from the Cancer Society, and no doubt, along with it a secret check for his promotion.

Currently Michael’s also promoting an HBO movie about the life of Władziu Valentino Liberace, popularly known as Liberace the world famous American pianist and vocalist, who died of complications from AIDS in 1987.

What better way to promote his movie and cancer than to combine the promotions with his legendary sex addict marathon skills in cunnilingus. This will certainly garner attention, even if he does attempt to withdraw his statement the very next day.

We suggest perhaps he should have sponsored a real marathon tournament, reminiscent of the dance marathons they had in the thirties as represented in the movie, “They Shoot Horses Don’t They.” This live cunnilingus marathon, sponsored and presented by Michael Douglas and the Cancer Society, could be called, “They Get Cancer Don’t They?”. It’s bound to get a huge public response, while stirring up all sorts of good and bad promotional HPV immunization controversy.

David Bianculli, in a National Public Radio, (NPR), movie review of Douglas in his new movie,

“…  it’s about as showy a comeback role as anyone could imagine after a cancer diagnosis. And this is one Hollywood veteran who doesn’t just pull it off — he owns it.”

Actors, movies stars are always looking to keep their names before the public eye. It’s no wonder we believe Douglas made the shocking disclosure  to a foreign news outlet of how he contracted cancer through a sex act.

Two days after the staggering announcement made headlines around the world, Michael Douglas was not only back peddling, backtracking and attempting to clarify deny the statement, the eldest son of the influential American film and stage actor, film producer and author, Kirk Douglas;  was receiving an award from the American Cancer Society. Michael Douglas received  the inaugural Marvin Hamlisch Memorial Award during the New York City benefit celebrating 100 years of the organization.

We find the mere fact he was selected to be receiving such an award to be conclusive evidence of him being a shill for big pharmaceutical companies. Recipients of such awards are typically chosen weeks, if not months in advance of such events.

True he’s likely being given the honor because he’s successfully battled for three years throat cancer. There are no doubt others who’ve experienced the same success…the difference is, they didn’t get paid to chat up their condition. This  is clearly a paid endorsement. It’s one devised to encourage men and women to be examined for the human papilloma virus (HPV), even be inoculated for the virus. Such  tests for HPV cost $80 to $100 ; the test results are often the reason for false alarms and needless procedures. Even better for Big Pharma to make their fortune from the HPV vaccine, which they have been trying for a long time to promote to all women all over the world.

“Get the HPV vaccine, and now you will no longer have to worry about getting the HPV virus, or giving it to your man, even if he is Michael Douglas.”

During his interview with the British media, specifically The Guardian, Douglas mentioned his initial concern the stress of dealing with and supporting his son through his criminal drug trial  may have brought on the disease ; Cameron Douglas currently serving the remaining nine years of a ten year prison sentence for heroin possession and drug distribution. Daddy Mike now seems to think it was the sex act after all.

Criminal drug cases cost really big bucks to defend. How better to raise money? We can see it now.  Douglas’ true story: “I Got Pussy Whipped”, as the cover story in an upcoming issue of Hustler or Penthouse Magazine.

Cameron Douglas is the son of a powerful film star;  the grandson of an even more powerful Hollyweird showbiz name, and he got ten years for his crime. We are certain Cameron Douglas’ defense cost more than the one provided for June Bug by the lawyer, Better Call Saul, in the shopping mall ’round the corner, and they both got the same sentence.

Michael did not even mention the fact his wife of twelve years, Academy Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been in a hospital for treatment of her bi-polar, also very expensive, formerly known as manic depressive, disorder; nor did Michael allude to the stress of their trial separation – no doubt also expensive, a situation ongoing for several months. We sympathize with Ms Zeta-Jones Douglas in light of the latest disclosure about her husband’s roguish escapades.

We believe both big Hollywood names, Jolie and Douglas, needed cash, and plenty of it! They likely have been bought by and sold to the big drug manufacturers, the pharmaceutical companies in order to promote tests, series examinations, vaccines and fear associated with Cancer.


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