Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin: Musical Tips From Kristin Chenoweth

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, petite blond,  Tony and Emmy award winning actress seen in comedy, drama and Broadway musicals on stage, screen and teevee, *Kristin Chenoweth performed a song parody of the tune “Popular” from the very popular musical “Wicked” to make fun of the unfortunate self-inflicted problems of Anthony Weiner, Democrat primary candidate for the office of mayor of New York City.

As you may recall Weiner is the former disgraced congressman  who resigned in 2011 after he finally told the truth about the pictures of his private parts he had taken and posted  on the Internet. Much to the embarrassment of his then pregnant bride, Huma Abedin. They'd been married for a little more than one year.

Anthony Weiner, (yes, we agree it is an unfortunate name for the politician involved in such a scandal to have), having announced his candidacy for mayor of the "City that never sleeps", last April, announced not only his desire to be the top man for that town, he also told the public, "there may be other women" coming forth with details about his sexting.

Like most people we presumed he was speaking of the scandal from two years ago. We were shocked, admittedly not nearly shocked and surprised as Mrs Weiner, when the former congressman revealed the incidents continued after he left Washington. In fact the most recent episode occurred about a year ago; he used the pseudonym, "Carlos Danger"...and this time the female involved, who initiated contact with the sex addicted candidate is a gold-diggin', publicity seeking Twitter-sexting 'ho'!

We say this because at first disclosure the woman stated she didn't want her face or name exposed to the public. By the end of last week her face, her name, and her booty in a thong, had been revealed as she made the rounds to be interviewed by Howard Stern and others about her role in the scandal.

"As you may have guessed
My disinterest
In you running NYC
Don't know if I can bear it,
Your porno popularity."

We believe Anthony Weiner isn't very bright. He's certainly an example of low tide in the gene pool as far as good judgement is concerned. We do not live in New York City. If we did we would not cast a ballot in the upcoming September primary for this disingenuous person. We suggest  New York City Democrats not vote for Anthony Weiner.  We believe Manhattan Democrats can do better...and so can Huma Abedin and her young son, fathered by Weiner.

*Lyric Rewrite by Allen Kendall and Sharon Wheatley, Music by Stephen Schwartz. Chenoweth sang the song in the Broadway production of "Wicked".

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