Ben Carson, Retired Pediatric Brain Surgeon Urges Return To Common Sense

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr., world renowned, innovative, successful former pediatric neurosurgeon, now retired;

recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States, presented to him by President George W. Bush in 2008, says in the video, which follows, he advocates Americans thinking for themselves, rather than always following the philosophies of either political party.

Earlier this year Ben Carson was vilified for his remarks, some call them “politically incorrect”, on the wisdom of permitting any group the right to change the definition of marriage a fundamental institution of society.

This is an interesting development since Dr. Carson during this year has become the darling of the conservatives who are mostly seen by the public as rich, white and Republican.

Ben Carson has recently joined the Washington Times, a local DeeCee conservative newspaper, as a columnist whose ideas and musings will be appearing weekly. In the newspaper's announcement Ben Carson is introduced as "one of the freshest and most powerful voices in the conservative movement." Others, who are members of the loyal opposition describe him as a homophobe who uses polarizing language to express his concerns for our society and the world.

"... one could legitimately argue that this class of individuals is responsible for much of the turmoil that characterizes our current national psyche." ~ Ben Carson, M.D. in his Washington Times column on how breaking speech taboos reinforces the power of persuasion...

Another interesting fact is Dr. Carson believes it is the politicians and the lawyers, not the least among them is our current national leader, who is both politician and lawyer, President Barack Obama; who have brought us to this point in our history.  Carson points out the fact five men of medicine signed the Declaration of Independence. Doctors were influential framers of the Constitution; they are responsible for much of our early legislative efforts. We concede the notion is completely false that only lawyers and those well versed in the body politic are knowledgeable to guide the concerns of the nation

In his first column he states as humans our ability to swiftly and critically analyze information to make rational decisions is the according to Dr. Carson, a " critical ability that can safeguard us against one of the most malignant and destructive tendencies our nation has ever faced: political correctness." He continues by explaining political correctness is in direct opposition to one of the founding principles of our nation: freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

The doctor goes on to suggest if we continue on the path of  redefining our fundamental institutions,  we will be unable to provide a social stability on which to base our behavior not only for this present generation nor for future generations.

Dr. Carson says, and we agree, any two consenting adults can have the right to legally bind themselves in a civil ceremony which bestows property and visitation rights without changing the traditional definition of marriage, as between a man and a woman.

We will also be taking the doctor's salient advice as regards our collective engagement in civil discussion. It's necessary in order to attain reasonable solutions beneficial for everyone. We the People are, when all is said and done, the United States of America.

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