Live, Breathe, Futbol: New LBF Apparel Store in Media, Pennsylvania Scores a Big Goal!

Ebun Olaloye and Domenick Cucinotta the innovators of the Live Breathe Futbol, LBF clothing line have expanded their online brand to a be brick and mortar establishment in the town of Media, Pennsylvania. On November 17, 2010, the twenty-first birthday of designer Ebun Olaloye, he made 21 shirts, promoted them on Twitter and in two hours they sold out!

In 2011 Olaloye participated as a contestant in the Philadelphia Union‘s sponsored t-shirt design contest. Surprisingly, he won with his “Original Doop Design”, a creation that immediately put LBF into the forefront of the minds of Philadelphia soccer fans.

Ebun Olaloye and Domenick Cucinotta became great friends during their years in college together. They played soccer together during those four years and May 2011 the two men established a partnership to grow the LBF brand.

After experiencing many of the vagaries of operating a small business the Live, Breathe Futbol, LBF, brand seems on its way to wondrous achievement, especially with the brick and mortar shop to augment the cyber store offerings.

With this new location, just outside of Philadelphia, we wish Ebun and Domenick success with their expanded venture! The best to you in 2014!

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