In The News The President Said “A Whole Lot of Nothing”

We are very happy and glad to know President Obama is on vacation. Judging from all the pre-vacation blabbing talking he’s been doing, it’s clear he needs some time off to collect himself; he especially needs to compose himself in order to present himself as an orderly post-vacation American president for the big Washington DeeCee commemoration of the 1963 march on the national capital for jobs and freedom!

President Obama has been speaking on so many frivolous topics we pause to wonder when did President Obama become a female teenager, an executive version of gossip-girl? The topics range  from commenting about celebrity relationships including,  his reversal of his initial expressed disinterest in the activities or whereabouts of former NSA analyst Ed Snowden; to  his major discourteous critique of how Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, sits in a chair, a fellow leader.

This last bit, rude words for Putin, this behavior makes President Obama appear petty and childish; childishly passive aggressive, a way of expressing his anger with the representatives of the Russian government for providing a safe haven for a brave young American man; one who the president says he does not consider a patriot, nor does he have any interest in his whereabouts or his activities. More

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