Fifth Estate Actor Responds to Julian Assange Open Letter About Movie


Forget about the feud between popular late night tee vee host Jimmy Kimmel, and self proclaimed cultural genius Kanye West.


Even though we agree with all the producer, rapper, fashionista and new dad says about himself and our society, we find what is brewing between the Australian activist journalist, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, and the British tee vee and film actor, Benedict Cumberbatch who portrays Assange in the new film from Dreamworks ** “Fifth Estate”, far more interesting.






It isn’t so much a dispute between the two men, as the fact Assange, an Australian citizen, who is the subject of the film, has withheld his blessing on the Hollyweird project about his ill-named “traitorous” actions as regards the disclosure of documents and videos, various governments around the world, including our own United States government, would rather not have us see or know about.


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