Jayne Harrison Kennedy-Overton: American TV’s First Black Female Sports Reporter

It’s Black History Month. Every year in February, black people in the US, Canada and the UK, promote and celebrate the achievements of humans of black heritage who have made major contributions to international culture and history.

During the past several weeks of the National Football League, (NFL), Playoffs as well as the coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII, sportscaster Pam Oliver, an American black female sports reporter for FOX, has been in the news because of her appearance. Many of the members of the teevee sports viewing audience think the content of her reports are informative. They just believe her hair could be more tidy when on camera at various sporting events.


Which brings us to the very first African American female sportscaster on a US national teevee network, CBS.  Jayne Harrison Kennedy-Overton. She was one of the more recognizable faces of the 1970s and early 1980s thanks to myriad television, and movie roles, advertising contracts for Jovan, the fragrance, Tab the diet soft drink plus many numerous Ebony/Jet covers.

“I knew that if I had a chance to get that job I would be a household name.” ~ Jayne Kennedy-Overton on getting hired to co-anchor the CBS network program NFL Today


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