U.S. Citizens Live in Fear: The List of What Americans Dread

Be afraid…be very afraid…That is the message being transmitted to the residents of the United States of America.

Since September 11, 2001 people living in the U. S. of A. have been living in a state of constant fear. For those old enough to remember, for those who were alive, this current period is in some ways reminiscent of the 1950s when fear was in vogue. Fear of communists, the Red Scare; fear of Negroes, the Black Scare. (Sadly fear of Negroes,  coloreds or blacks continues in our society.)

The government, with the support of the mainstream media, has fostered a culture of fear. We believe it is to control the masses, when and if they ever decide to protest the abuses they suffer at the hands of the militarized police, restaurants and food outlets; corporate employers, banksters, educational institutions, state and local government agencies. Whatever institution citizens of the U.S. must interact with daily there is abuse and disrespect, manipulation of the bad kind, thus more fear, more dread, the existing apprehension is augmented to guarantee further compliance.

As a public service YouThinkWhat provides a list of people,  items and situations the average U.S. citizen fears…

Our list begins with Arabs, or anyone of Middle Eastern ethnicity. Since September 11th 2001, anyone of Middle Eastern heritage, (except Christiane Amanpour who works for CNN, and is perceived by the public as being aight), is suspect for committing terrorist acts.

Any person of swarthy, brown skinned complexion with or without the traditional keffiyeh headdress is to be feared. This description includes homegrown Black Americans of African, or Hispanic descent. (The darker they are the more trepidation expressed.)

Muslims are next on the list of people feared by those living in the U.S. of A. Muslims and any aspect related to Islam…in fact the words, “Muslim” and “Islam” strike fear and loathing in the hearts of many red blooded all Americans. Even some black people in the United States are afraid of anything associated with Muslims…mosques, Korans, prayer five times daily, ethnic clothing; any and all of these items cause the condition of being afraid!

Envelopes received in the mail laced with white powder are dangerous. Never mind the powder may be harmless talc and not anthrax  at all. Remember all those envelopes received in the mail following the disaster in New York City in September 2001.? (We refer to 9/11 as the modern day false flag incident which killed more than 3,000 people.) Soon after there were those horrendous shootings in the DeeCee Metro area found to be perpetrated by two guys in a very old car; one of them was installed in the trunk of the vehicle to shoot through a hole in the trunk lid. Really? Another incident of instilling fear, causing people to be afraid when there is no justification for the dread.

Shoes are an item so dangerous, the Transportation Security Administration, (TSA), requires passengers, for domestic as well as international flights, to remove theirs before being approved to board the aircraft. This requirement comes  following the attempt by then 28 year-old Richard Colvin Reid, a British citizen, aka The Shoe Bomber, to interrupt an American Airlines international flight from Paris to Miami by lighting his shoes which are said to have contained plastic explosives. (??) Is the American public so gullible as to believe terrorists from the Middle East are so primitive as to detonate their shoes filled with plastic explosives with the old school match or Bic lighter? Who’s the provincial in this picture?

And if that scenario isn’t ridiculous enough for you, dear reader, consider on December 25, 2009, nearly eight years to the day of the unsuccessful attack by the so-called Shoe Bomber, there was another attempted copy-cat attack on a Northwest Airlines international flight from Amsterdam to Detroit by a Nigerian man.  Not exactly a copy-cat attack in that 23 year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was attempting to ignite a bomb concealed in his underwear. That is why we’re not surprised to find X-ray machines have been installed at airports by the TSA to insure the flying public isn’t wearing  exploding drawers, able to be detonated by remote control. As an enhancement to the X-ray, cop-a-feel security, touchy feely, pat down,  (a real invasion of personal privacy), is performed to insure travelers have nothing harmful hidden from the X-ray machine.

Speaking of detonating items: Liquids, from water to shampoo, to body lotions to expensive fragrances, to creams of four ounces or more are extremely dangerous. Such items are not permitted on airplanes. They are confiscated by the TSA officials who promptly sell them off to local governments for auctioning to the consumer public.

Those living in the U.S. are afraid of anyone, even a white person, who is wearing a hoodie…think rapper Eminem,  Marshal Mathers. This fear became even more prevalent following the February 2012 murder in  Sanford, Florida, of Trayvon Martin; Martin, a black teenager armed with Skittles, a brand of candy, and a can of ice tea, was fatally wounded by a wanna-be copper who is scheduled to stand trial for second degree murder.

The warning about this kind of garment came from Geraldo Rivera, a well known Hispanic American media personality. The warning about those who wear the otherwise harmless hoodie goes hand in hand with and intensifies the warning to be afraid of black men…regardless of age…black men are to be feared…even the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and his administration’s Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder.

We must remember the fear of homosexuals. This is an area of dread which though many say the anxiety is decreasing, there seems to us an equal number of folks concerned the gay couple next down the street will corrupt their marriages, the ones between a man and a woman; spoil their children and “turn” them into homosexuals and otherwise degrade, debase the community because of their personal lifestyle choice.

“The biggest concern seems to be that gay players will behave unprofessionally in the locker room. Believe me, I’ve taken plenty of showers in 12 seasons. My behavior wasn’t an issue before, and it won’t be one now. My conduct won’t change.” ~ Jason Collins, professional basketball veteran of 12 seasons, Sports Illustrated May 6, 2013 issue, cover story “The Gay Athlete”

Let’s recap: U.S. citizens are afraid of Arabs or any dark complexioned individuals wearing any sort of traditional ethnic dress; any person who does not appear to be white who is wearing shoes, or wearing underwear on an airplane; black male teens armed with candy and iced tea while wearing a hoodie.  People in the U.S. are afraid of homosexuals wearing hoodies, underwear, carrying more than four ounces of liquid on an airplane.

Since the tragic events at the annual Boston Marathon, initially, the most sought after person was described by John King, a reporter for CNN, as a dark skinned male who was wearing black pants, black sweater, a hoodie, and a backpack. We predict citizens of the land of the free will become increasingly fearful, and less brave, as the news media, generally all media outlets, specifically Fox News, promotes the public’s anxiety over anyone wearing a baseball cap, and or backpack; if the person is wearing these items while purchasing a pressure cooker, ball bearings and nails…be very afraid. Look for  age requirements, background checks and picture ID to be obligatory in order to purchase cooking utensils. Sharp knives will likely be the exception.

According to the federal legislators in Washington, anyone can purchase guns without sufficient checks or identification. In order to receive the same level of freedom, we predict there will be a lobby organization, the National Pressure Cooker Association, to provide Americans with the right to purchase and own this essential cooking instrument without fear of harassment.

If you’re not afraid, you’re not American.
You’re not American if you don’t have a gun.

And if you’re not American we’re very afraid of you!
Buy guns America.
America Buy Guns.

Buy guns to protect yourself.
Guns to defend.
From diapers and shampoo
Hoodies and Shoes
From toilet paper and face cream
And moisturizer too
From Giant sized sodas
And animals at the zoo
From the neighbors with color
And the hoodie kids too.

Bombs are for killing.
Terrorists make bombs.
Bombs are for terrorists
Bombs kill you.

Bombs in your shoes and underwear too

America loves guns
For Red blooded defense.

John Lennon, no bomber
He said it best

Is a warm gun.

Bang, bang, shoot, shoot.

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