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Sunday, August 14, 2005


If I lived in the Washington Heights area of New York I would vote for him. His background is unusual and impressive. What’s impressive to me is not his Harvard law degree. I’m totally impressed by the fact he’s taught high school in the New York City public school system, after graduating from Harvard Law School. In his law practice he defends cab drivers. He’s basically a decent guy. He grew up in a dysfunctional home. He managed to overcome severe handicaps in school. Some of the teachers thought he was retarded. Turns out Victor Bernace is brilliant.

In the city that is ranked the 217th most conservative in the nation, (Gee! I wonder what city is number one?), this strapped for cash candidate, Victor Bernace, has decided to hold a fundraiser. Unlike the hypocritical pols we regularly see during campaign time, Victor has decided to face the issue of sex head on. He’s holding a fundraiser on Thursday, September 8th at 8PM at the Umbrella Lounge. It’s an event that will feature exotic dancers, both male and female. The event is called “Havana Nights”. Victor is of Cuban descent. For a mere $20 you will be a contributor to his campaign for mayor and the candidate promises you’ll have a fun time. He’s so convincing his opponents have purchased tickets to the event.

According to Melissa Haberman, of the New York Daily News, who broke the story-
“Bernace is unlike most politicians who run away from sex in any form whatsoever, making it the 3rd rail of politics. The moral majority, the fanatical right wing, the Bush administration have all been trying to force feed morality, pro life, anti-gay, anti-sexuality, puritanical beliefs unto the American public. The Republicans have been winning this cultural war recently. Mr. Bernace, a politician with respectable credentials, rather than running away from the subject matter actually embraced sexuality/sensuality as a fundraising technique causing a national stir."

If you’re a dancer in the New York area…even if you’re a dancer outside of the New York area this is a marvelous opportunity to get some experience, exposure, and publicity. You know the news coverage will be tremendous. They all want to see just how risqué the performances will be so they can accurately report the story to those citizens living in Utah, and the other red states.

If you’re an eligible voter in the New York area I encourage you to vote for this guy. Victor Bernace. Honest, professional leadership. The man is for real. Isn’t that what we want in our politicians? Honest,professional leadership?

[Psst! Victor-- make sure the television sets are on because that’s the night opener of the 2005-NFL Season. Football, sexy dancin’ guys and girls, and politics, too. What an all American combination.]
Wow! What a party. I wish I could be there. Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.


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