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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This is the response we received from Victor Bernace :

"....Thanks for the endorsement and kind words. If I didn't have support from people like you, I might be intimidated by all the detractors into canceling the party. We all have a right of self expression and if people disagree they can turn the channel, go to another website, or not attend the party. My opponent has come out numerous times against free speech by attacking local radio stations for their outrageous humor. I believe that the political race is more than just a cute party, it is about where you stand on free speech.

Be Seeing You,

Victor Armando Bernace "

The man is a class act. To Victor I say, you are welcome, anytime. Don't let the haters get you down! Hey! New Yorkers! Victor is a cool guy. His fundraising party will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know the candidate as well as your neighbors. He's more than qualified...and best of all he's something we've not seen in a while...he's an upfront, honest, professional with style and dignity. He's a leader.

We're gonna keep our eye on your campaign for office up in New York, the Washington Heights area. We're pullin' for ya, Victor, because we believe as you do, that freedom of expression is very important in a democratic republic. We need more Americans willing to go into public service. We need more citizens to come forward, as you have done, to demonstrate how much they cherish and understand our freedoms. We need people who do more than pay lip service on a message board to their "politics". Our cities and towns, our states and our nation need thoughtful, intelligent, honest, forthright professionals who can lead with compassion and who possess above all else, a sense of humor.

We cherish freedom of expression. That's why we're publishing this blog and forum. We want everyone to express themselves. Every original opinion is worthwhile. We say original because many of the opinions we hear from John and Jane Q. Public on the regular, are simply regurgitations of a newspaper piece they read this morning or the commentary on the evening news they heard or viewed last night. Diversity of opinion is what makes this nation great. If we destroy opposing opinions we destroy our country. The ability to think, to develop and promote new ideas is what America is all about. "With justice for all and malice toward none" let us begin again to exercise this cherished freedom by expressing our thoughts. Not the thoughts that were given to us on the morning news program, but our own original ideas based on our personal experience of freedom.


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