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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Celebrity Response to the Gulf Coast Tragedy

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...Nicole Ritchie, John Mayer, Trent Reznor, Pino Palladino, Beck, Steve Jordan, Kelly clarkson, the Maddens(Benji, Joel and Mickey), Ryan Dusick, Jesse Carmichael, Alyssa Milano, James Valentine, Rose McGowan, David Banner...
    Shawn Carter (Jay-Z), Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, R. Kelly, Wyclef Jean, Lenny Kravitz, Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blidge, Yolanda Adams, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, James Brown, Snoop Dogg, the O’Jays, and Ciara, are among the artists who according to Michael Jackson’s MJJ Forum web site have agreed to join Jackson in his musical response to the catastrophe.
    The working title of the song is,"From the Bottom of My Heart", which will be released on 2 Seas Records, owned by Prince Abdullah Hamad Alkhalifa of Bahrain.

    Jackson is continuing to reach out to artists who would like to work with him in this project. The website announcement also says the King of Pop "humbly hopes" this fundraising effort will "make a tremendous difference to all individuals who have been affected by this tragedy."
    All proceeds will be donated to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Join the Forum. Tell Us What You Think.

  • Special Note: Some Bush apologists suggest the story reported here in the post "Food For Thought", (September 5, 2005), is untrue or at best has no basis in fact whatsoever. You may wish to read the original post at the blog GetYourActOn.

    You decide


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to read the books you suggest. I am an older person. I don't ever remember being taught in school or college there was a link between the migration of blacks to the north and the flood of 1927.

6:07 AM


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