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Monday, September 26, 2005

New Take on Beauty Pageants

We recently found out the Miss America Pageant will no longer be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I grew up in the Philadelphia-Southern New Jersey area. This came as shocking news to me. The Miss America Pageant, (began in 1921), is the oldest scholarship pageant in the nation. It is the grandmother of all other beauty competitions. It seems the Miss America officials concluded that the 'Jersey shore is not a big moneymaking venue for their competition. They haven't yet announced where the contest will be held. They only know it will be broadcast on Country Music Televsion, CMT, in January 2006. Seems ABC or NBC, which ever network had the last contract, wasn't interested in renewing.

In light of this earth shattering news we, the staff here at YouThinkWhat, have brainstormed, and we have come up with some ideas, copyrighted names for beauty contests that are more in keeping with the hip and happenin' life-style of today's modern Americans. They are:

    Miss WORLD-ly | Miss Diva-PrimaDonna | Miss Drama Queen

Of all the things we will miss about the Miss America Pageant tradition in New Jersey, even more than the shouting of "Show Us Your Shoes!" during the traditional parade, is the "Missed" America Pageant, a fundraising parody of the competition put on by actors and drag queens from the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

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