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Friday, October 14, 2005

Conclusions Drawn from Previous Reports by Henry Gandolph

The Census Study on Marriage and Fertility in the US states:
"Those near the East and West coasts generally wait longer to get married than those in Middle America. Generally later marriage is very strongly associated with higher levels of education." In the report posted here, David Popenoe, co-director of the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University says,"That's why people in the Northeast have such a late age of marriage."
    HG's Conclusion: People in the East and the West are smarter than the people in Middle America.
The same study also found that "Southerners are the least likely to live together" without the benefit of marriage.
    HG's Conclusion: They may be the least likely, but many Southerners do live together before marriage.
One-fifth of all new mothers in California either did not speak English well or did not speak it at all.
    HG's Conclusion: This is probably why they are new mothers. English as a Second Language classes are in order for these women. Learn to just say "NO!"
Fifteen percent of all new mothers in the U.S. were not citizens.
    HG's Conclusion: Women from other nations are giving birth to their children here in the US. I wonder where they most often come from? I wonder why they travel here to give birth?
Hispanics had the highest birth rates, while non-Hispanic whites had the lowest birth rate.
    HG's Conclusion: This means the white people need to get busy if they ever hope to keep up.
In Little Rock, Arkansas a few days ago Michelle Duggar delivered her 16th child, and she's already thinking about doing it again.
    HG's Conclusion:In reference to the previous conclusion..this woman can not do it alone. Although Michelle and her husband, Jim Bob, should be commended for certainly trying to do their part and more they should not have to bear the respnsibility of populating the entire nation.
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, also known as "Big Diamond", due to the rather large gem in his left ear, has decided to stop wearing his trademark diamond earring. 35-year-old Kilpatrick, who is locked in a tight race for re-election, said, "As long as I'm mayor of this town, I'll never put it back in."
    HG's Conclusion: Firstly you've made a promise that some people will expect you to keep. Should you win re-election you can not be seen wearing the earring just because you're not acting in an official capacity as mayor. Secondly, if I lived in Detroit I would've voted for you, but now that you've caved, well...My vote doesn't count but I'm willing to bet there are some voters who feel as I do.

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