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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Didn't I Already Say We'll Always Have Paris?

Paris Hilton in the news again.
    Firstly, Paris Hilton says her television program with ex-best friend Nicole Richie isn't over yet. Last week Fox dropped "The Simple Life" from it's fall line up of shows. This week Ms HIlton says, "We're shooting November 1. All the networks are fighting over it." In the spring of this year Hilton announced that she and Richie had a break in their friendship. Neither she nor socialite Nicole Richie have disclosed the reason for the dispute.
    Secondly, according to a news release submitted by Vivid Entertainment, Paris Hilton is the subject of a DVD interview given by troubled actor Tom Sizemore. As you may recall Sizemore acted in the films "Saving Private Ryan", "Natural Born Killers" and "Black Hawk Down". However the smart money says he'll become best known for "The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal" DVD interview, during which he reveals he once slept with Paris Hilton.

    Vivid Entertainment, an adult film studio, is releasing a DVD comprising over 70 minutes of uncut and uncensored video of Sizemore having sex with up to four young women at a time. Included with the DVD is a candid audio interview in which Sizemore talks about his early admiration for his ex-girlfriend former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss and a night of raw sex with Paris Hilton in 2001.

Tom Sizemore background information:
    Tom Sizemore reveals that he has been suffering from massive depression and fighting legal proceedings. In 2004 he was tried and convicted of battering and making harassing calls to former girlfriend Fleiss. He was also found guilty of being under the influence and in possession of crystal methamphetamine, which he claims he was taking to relieve his depression. He was ordered to an inpatient drug rehab clinic in Los Angeles County. On Monday, October 17th, he was placed on probation for three years by the court.
    Sizemore is a self-proclaimed sex addict who says he has a condition known as priapism, which causes an involuntary prolonged erection allowing him to perform intercourse for unusually long periods of time.


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