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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

To The Bubba Police Officers in the Big Easy

This goes out to all the Bubbas on the police force for the City of New Orleans:

Just because the waters have receded, and the majority of the people have left town, and some tourists have returned, including the President of the United States....just because some construction contractors and their employees have come to New Orleans...just because the news reports on radio, television and in print are not all filled with news from New Orleans 24/7, does not mean the reporters have gone home or that they have moved on to say Pakistan or the next greatest natural disaster or the next attention getting news story.

Your town, New Orleans, will be in the headlines for a very long time. Think of it as your gumbo-jambalaya-bayou version of the War On Terror. The eyes, minds and hearts of the whole entire world will be stayed on your city for a very, very long time. Don't worry. The spotlight now shining on New Orleans will be off long before the War On Terror ends. Nevertheless, you, your co-workers, and your neighbors will be news for sometime to come.

Get used to it! No, you may not return to police business as usual. The abuse, the corruption, the graft, the corruption and the abuse on the same scale as before the storm is not acceptable. That does not mean we, the public, are willing to accept this abhorrent behavior on a grander scale than before.

It simply means we're fed up with cops who bully because they don't have enough fiber in their diet.


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