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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We'll Always Have Paris

I'm Not Sayin' She's a Golddigger...
    She's been branded a "hooker" by a pal of former fiance Paris Latsis for the way she treated him, but Paris Hilton, "The Simple Life" star who dumped the Greek shipping heir earlier this month, claims she "wasn't ready to get married."

    The socialite has angered her ex's friends by suggesting she would be keeping her engagement ring. She is quoted as saying: "Paris says I can keep the engagement ring. He says I earned it." Hilton's comment prompted one Latsis friends to attack the heiress, telling America's Us Weekly magazine: "How did she earn it? With sex. Like a hooker. It's a diss." The ring in question is a new, 24-carat emerald-cut diamond ring estimated to cost $2 million.

    She rejected Latsis' first engagement ring because the diamond was yellow, so another 24-carat emerald-cut diamond ring estimated to cost $US2 million had been ordered. Latsis proposed to Hilton at his Hollywood Hills mansion and presented her with a 24-carat yellow diamond engagement ring worth $6.5 million. "I like it," Hilton said of the first ring, "but it's yellow, and I'm like, I didn't want yellow for my engagement ring."(Is it me or is $6.5 million greater than $2 million? Paris, Honey, you're a dumby! The first ring was probably an antique. I can understand why he'd let you keep the second ring. You saved him about $4 million...DUH!)

    The couple first met as teenagers at a nightclub in Monaco and became romantically involved last December after reuniting at Latsis' birthday party.

    Since the break-up, Hilton has been rumoured to be dating Stavros Niarchos another Greek millionaire. She has been spotted on several occasions engaging in what observers describe as caressing, petting, or lovemaking with Stavros, whose family is worth a staggering $75 billion.

    Hilton is no longer as embarrassed as she once was by the sex tape made when she was 19 by then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. The tape first appeared on the Internet in 2003 and later landed in stores with the title, "1 Night in Paris."

    "I used to think it was so bad, but it's like, everyone has sex. I'm sure everyone has filmed a tape," she said.(No, Paris, Darling, everyone has not made a sex tape.)

    "I don't even really remember filming it. I was so out of it in that tape," she said, adding that her parents were "heartbroken and humiliated" by the incident. (I can not imagine why her parents would be "heartbroken and humiliated" by the incident.)


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