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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You Are Invited....

You're invited to comment on the items posted in this blog. You're invited to join our forum to discuss and/or comment on the topics you find here. You are welcome to post items of special interest to you for discussion. We truly want to know what you think about what is happening in the world. And now today's topics:

They're Number Three and They're Proud
    Two Chinese astronauts blasted off Today, Wednesday from a base in China's desert northwest. Beijing joined the exclusive club of nations conducting space explorations. With this space mission, expected to last up to five days, the Chinese communist government is seen to declare its status as a rising world power as a result of recent technological triumphs along with its matching rapid economic growth. The 2003 flight, which carried one astronaut lasted just 21 1/2 hours. Space officials in China say they hope to land an unmanned probe on the moon by 2010. They plan to launch a space station.

    China has had a rocketry program since the 1950s and fired its first satellite into orbit in 1970. It regularly launches satellites for foreign clients aboard its giant Long March boosters.

    China is only the third country to launch a human into orbit on its own, after Russia and the United States.
Sufficient Force Was Applied.
    The New Orleans police officers involved in beating Robert Davis, a 64-year-old retired teacher, denied using excessive force. Davis' whose beating by New Orleans city police was caught on videotape pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of being drunk and resisting arrest.

    After viewing the video attorney for the officers Frank DeSalvo said, "I see an incident of a man trying to be brought under control who doesn't want to be brought under control."

    Davis says he had not been drinking before he was beaten by two police officers in a weekend confrontation taped by an Associated Press Television News crew. Joseph Bruno,lawyer for Robert Davis, said charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and public intimidation were groundless and that they should be dropped. Bruno met briefly with city officials to discuss having the charges dismissed. They agreed to continue their talks.

    Davis was released on bond and a trial was set for Jan. 18 — a week after the scheduled start of the trial for the officers accused of beating him.
Loving Sisters
    Ashlee Simpson, who recently turned 21 says, "People always ask if there is competition but we are very different people and we just adore each other.

    "Both of us like each other's music. Jessica told me the other day that she listens to my CD every night before she goes on stage. That was cool."

    Jessica, 25, adds, "Ashlee, my mom and I are all best friends."

    Ashlee's latest single "Boyfriend" is emerging as the singer's fastest-rising hit to date. The video version of the track is the #1 most requested clip on MTV and was added into MTV's most powerful rotation Big Ten, marking her quickest jump to #1 yet.

    As a prelude to the coming tour, Ashlee performed on Saturday Night Live on Oct. 8, singing "Boyfriend" and "Catch Me When I Fall," a ballad she wrote after her controversial appearance on SNL a year ago. This time she actually sang.

    Ashlee prefers her music to have more of a rock edge than her pop star older sister Jessica. However both girls have respect for the other's style and tastes and wish the media would stop asking about rifts that never occur.
They're STILL Married--Really!
    Once again we must tell you Nick and Jessica are together. Gossip mongers keep saying it's over. But singers Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey keep saying it's not. "Nick and Jessica have not separated," Simpson's rep, Brad Cafarelli, insisted to E! Online. "Rumors to the contrary are simply not true."

    Executives at the online gambling site Nine.com said red flags were raised by a large number of suspicious wagers against the marriage lasting -- all coming from areas where the couple had either lived in the past or currently reside, MTV.com reported Friday.

    Rather than lose a bundle to bets based on "insider information," the site canceled all wagers on the couple.


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