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Thursday, November 10, 2005

10 November Birthday-Siempre Fidelis

United States Marine Corps Birthday-November 10th 1775

The UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS (USMC), is older than the nation with November 10, 1775 as its celebrated birthday. Founded after several attempts by the American colonies to work out some sort of reconciliation between the Crown and the American people, the Colonial Congress decided to take a sterner attitude. A committee of the Congress drafted a resolution to create a new military unit, called the Continental Marines.

This resolution was drafted in a popular Philadelphian inn called Tun Tavern, and was later approved by the entire legislative body. The owner of the tavern, Robert Mullan, was named a Marine Captain, and the owner of another tavern, Samuel Nicholas, was designated commandant of the Continental Marines. (This may be the reason you can always find a Marine in a bar.)

Nearly twenty-three years later on 1798, July 11, President John Adams officially signed a bill in to law, creating the US Marines. I will never complain again about how long it takes our modern congress to pass legislation.

The USMC's motto Siempre Fidelis is Latin for "Always faithful". Read the history of this fascinating American military organization with warriors like General Lewis B. Puller, also known as "Chesty".

Siempre Fi! and Happy Birthday to all you Marines.


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