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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How Long America??

How long before the American people are totally fed up with George Walker Bush? What will it take to send Crawford, Texas' best known citizen packing?

Ronald Reagan was known as the "Teflon President" because no controversy would stick to him. Do we call George Bush "Louie the Lying Slacker" because he has managed to escape, thus far, the fate of others? (President Bill Clinton lied about having an illicit affair with a young female White House intern. George Bush lied, along with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, about going to war killing thousands of young men and women.)

Here is a partial list of offenses:
    Illegal wire taps,
    Outing covert agents,
    Passing on faulty intelligence as gospel in order to start a war for oil;
    Denying the sovereignty of another nation;
    Arrests without warrants or evidence of violating any laws;
    Illegal domestic spying;
    Holding prisoners of war in secret prisons indefinitely without charges and without acknowledging their status as POWs;
    Ignoring the Geneva Conventions with special emphasis on ignoring the agreement for the treatment of prisoners of war.
    Using illegal chemical weapons on the Iraqis.
    Killing thirty-thousand Iraqis for their involment in the September 11, 2001 attacks. There is still no proof Iraqis were involved in the attacks.
    Illegal manipulation of the vote and manipulation of the highest court in the land.
    Manipulation of the media--to wit the latest report is that the story about illegal domestic wire taps was withheld by the press upon request of the President of the United States for at least one year. Now he berates the media for publishing the fact he continues breaking the law.
This litany of infractions is more than enough to get one president impeached. By George! He's done enough to get three presidents impeached and removed from office.

Wake up America! How long? How long, America?


Blogger Semper Fi said...

I am always amazed at the litany of charges against Bush. Given the Bush-hatred by more than a rabid few in the Halls of Congress, you would think that if the charges had any substance, have been drawn up by now.

They don't, so, they can't.

2:45 PM

Blogger You Think said...

Dear Baby semper fi

Obviously you weren't around when Richard Nixon was president and the Watergate scandal broke. It started like this. It began slowly and developed into a full blown disgrace.

Give it time, son. Give it time!

4:33 AM

Blogger Semper Fi said...

Well, son, I remember being 29-years-old and having all the answers then, too. But I'm more than twice your age and a bit wiser -- some life experiences and hard realities tend to do that, otherwise one remains a knee-jerk lemming for the rest of one's life following the same leftist propaganda that one swallowed uncritically at the foot of one's leftist college professors.

So, yeah, I was around when Nixon bit the dust, and, yes, it took a couple of years. Unfortunately, like others of your persuasion, you have a propensity for mixing apples and oranges, laying out red herrings, and seeing mirages in a desert of wishful thinking (excuse the mixed metaphors but I think you get the point)-- what Nixon did and what you levy against Bush are not remotely related.

One more time: If your charges agains Bush had merit, there's more than enough Bush-hating Democrats in congress to produce a bill of impeachment. But, as they say in West Texas, "that dog don't hunt."

When you get out of your mental diapers, let me know. Maybe then we can engage in an adult dialogue.

2:45 AM

Blogger You Think said...

(Off subject-do you mean to spell your name incorrectly or are you being cute?)

Apparently your old age has clouded your memory. Domestic surveillance was an issue with RMN, too.

As we say up the way, "there is something rotten in Denmark". Give it time, son, give it time. There is no rush to judgement here. We've had more than four years to gather the evidence.

Thanks for your comments.

10:34 AM


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