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Friday, December 16, 2005

Mary (Meg) Gardner-Eyewitness to a Tragedy

We want to talk about Mary (Meg) Gardner. She had made a television appearance on an NBC6 television program in Miami early the morning of December 7. How fortuitous indeed that Mary (Meg) Gardner should be on the same flight as poor Mr. and Mrs. Alpizar. There were at least two recordings of her eyewitness account. The first occurred immediately after the event. In a telephone interview that she gave to Miami’s NBC 6 Mary sounded very factual and accurate. There was a lot she didn’t know, but what she did see and hear sounded like excellent eyewitness testimony.

For instance she heard the shooting and thought it occurred in the first class section of the plane and didn’t know if it had or not. She heard no threat of a bomb, but did hear the wife say her husband was bipolar. However by the time you get to her later account, an interview conducted by CNN, she has become an expert apologist for the air marshals.

American Airlines should offer her a job as a spokes person. She couldn’t say enough about how "cool, calm, professional and prompt" the airline’s personnel was in this bizarre situation.

According to Mary the marshals were totally justified. They did the right thing. Everything was very professional and coolly handled, which was clearly not apparent in her first account, where she described how she along with the other passengers had to crouch down, put their hands on their heads, wait for the police and were not permitted to even move. It was very tense and stressful. But later in her account to CNN Mary nearly said it was a walk in the park to get ice cream.


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