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Friday, December 16, 2005

WARNING: Unidentified Armed Law Enforcement Officers On Board

    WARNING: Unidentified Armed Law Enforcement Officers On Board This Flight-Obey Their Orders or Die!
This warning should be posted in airports across America. This notice should be visibly placed on all commercial aircraft so the flying public will know they are in danger of being killed by trigger-happy federally mandated areo-cowboys!

Following the wholesale murder of Rigoberto Alpizar, I have concluded our government as succeeded in selling us the "idea" of security to ward off the threat presented by terrorists. A nation of people who are afraid are easier to control--easier to manage than a nation of people who are not paralyzed with fear, able to think and able to question the actions of our officials. Our government knows very well how effective the shock and awe technique is against other countries (See modern example Iraq.) As citizens of this country we have been under the negative affects of the technique for nearly five years...and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

How does the public know these plain clothes law officers are indeed who they say they are? Anyone can get a phoney badge with authentic looking identification and board a plane with a real weapon claiming to be a federal air marshal!

The flying public needs to know how to properly conduct themselves when in the presence of skittish-hair-trigger-adrenaline filled armed fly-cops.

This is how the Associated Press reported a portion of the Alpizar murder story:

Some passengers, including John McAlhany, said they believe Alpizar was no threat to anyone.

McAlhany, a 44-year-old construction worker who was returning home from a fishing trip in Key West, said he was sitting in Seat 21C when he noticed a commotion a few rows back.

"I heard him saying to his wife, 'I've got to get off the plane,'" McAlhany said. "He bumped me, bumped a couple of stewardesses. He just wanted to get off the plane."

Alpizar ran up the aisle into the first-class cabin, where marshals chased him onto the jetway, McAlhany said.

McAlhany said he "absolutely never heard the word 'bomb' at all."

The federal marshalls' official version of what happened is contrived. It's a poorly concocted story. It's a tale one would not accept from a child.

I think the men who murdered Mr. Alpizar imagined they heard him utter the B-word just before they shot him to death.


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