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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tom Tom...

Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise in the news. Here's Clark Dark with a report.

    Tom Cruise has made it abundantly clear to the executives at Paramount, who are associated with the animated televison program South Park, that he does not find any humor in the episode which aired in the US last year and was scheduled to be broadcast in the United Kingdom this month. He's threatened a lawsuit in England. It's the episode entitled "Trapped in the Closet" where a cartoon Tom Cruise is depicted as being coaxed out of the closet by his carton wife and, Nicole Kidman, and his cartoon fellow Scientologist friend John Travolta. The program as of this writing will not be broadcast again, anywhere.
    Meanwhile another Tom...Tom Hanks, that is, America's favorite everyman has been named America's favorite movie star for the second year in a row. In a nationwide Harris Poll, as reported by E!Online, the two-time Oscar winner topped the list, for the third time as the top silver screen pick in the annual poll. Critics say this is a particular feat, because Hanks did not release any new films in 2005. His last big-screen release was in 2004-The Polar Express.
    Noticeably absent from this year's list were stars,like frequent rankers Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp placed second in the national Harris Poll.

    Here's the Top 10: Hanks, and Depp,of course as previously mentioned, followed by Harrison Ford, John Wayne, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, George Clooney, Sean Connery and Sandra Bullock.


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