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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why George Walker Bush Should Resign

The following post is in response to a dialogue begun between the administrator of this site and an erudite visitor who comments on opinions seen here at YouThinkWhatdotcom.
    Firstly, the illegal act I speak of is the surveillance of citizens without the required warrant, which can be obtained when necessary after the fact. Some experts, who just happen to be Republican experts, say George Walker Bush’s wiretaps are as illegal as Richard Milhouse Nixon’s. In fact these same Republicans say GWB’s wiretap offenses are as impeachable as RMN’s.

    Secondly, are we really at war? If we are, with whom are we at war? I define an act of war as a situation where we are under attack, and defending ourselves, and attacking back, retaliating. Currently we are not under attack. To say we are still under attack four years after 9-11-01 is equivalent to saying we were still at war in 1949, which we were not.

    09-11-01 was one single isolated attack of which it has never been clearly demonstrated or proven who the attackers were. It seems clear that Iraq was not the country that attacked the US. It is also clear that Iraq did not possess and does not possess missiles that could make it here, jets that could make it here, or even boats that could reach our shores.

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