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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why George Walker Bush Should Resign-Part 2

The following post is in response to a dialogue begun between the administrator of this site and an erudite visitor who comments on opinions seen here at YouThinkWhatdotcom
    We are now calling Iraq a war, because it dignifies our aggression over there. We still refuse to call the enemy combatants prisoners of war, because we have decided there is no official military opposition in Iraq. If there is no military opposition in Iraq then what we have is citizens of Iraq resisting what they consider an illegal occupation. (Is there any sovereign nation that considers occupation by another nation to be legal?)
    So which is it? Is it war or occupation? If it is war then the captives must be prisoners of war, and logically we in the US should be in danger from Iraq. However, if it is an occupation then we in the US are not in danger in the US from Iraqis. We clearly are not in danger of the Iraqis mounting an attack here in the United States. We are in danger in Iraq as long as we continue to occupy Iraq. There is no imminent danger in the US.

    Therefore, there is no need for extreme measures i.e., spying on one’s own citizens as might be argued in a time of a war of defense, rather than a war of aggression.


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