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Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Did Bush....

With the release by the Associated Press of the videos tapes of the meetings/briefings that took place prior to the hurricane disaster Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast area, we ask the following questions:

    How did President George Bush get the reputation of being a man of decision?
    Does anyone see the similarity in the way the government of GWB responded to the two most devastating events in the history of our nation?
    Who ordered FEMA Director Michael Brown to "stand down" when the storm struck, just as someone surely gave the order for NORAD pilots to fly under speed during the September 11 "attacks"?

Judging by the response to these two debacles I would not describe George Herbert Walker's and Babs' eldest son as "a man who takes charge". I'd say he's a fella who gets it done after the smoke clears. He's no exhast fan clearin' away the smoke. In fact this guy helps to increase the amount of smoke to make a...you guessed it, SMOKE SCREEN!

The way I see it the only thing smokin' around here is a BUSH fire.


Blogger REB 84 said...

Maybe we should call this the "teflon presidency" since nothing seems to stick. Isn't it amazing how there has so-far been no real call for accountability in the main-stream media. The Bush legacy is "the buck stops nowhere."

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11:45 AM


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