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Thursday, April 27, 2006

News We Can Use

Occasionally during our staff meetings here at YTW Henry Gandolph, our editor and publisher will pontificate, speechify and wax eloquent on recent news events. We publish his remarks for your review.

Henry Gandolph’s thoughts on:

President Bush’s appointment of Tony Snow, formerly of Fox News as the new White House Press Secretary. The president said,
"My job is to make decisions. And his job is to help explain those decisions to the press corps and the American people.....he's going to work hard to provide you with timely information about my philosophy, my priorities and the actions we are taking to implement our agenda."
    That job description destroys all hope of getting "news we can use" instead of more "News to Confuse".

    I wish Tony Snow much success as he tries to explain why this president's philosophy, priorities and agenda are good for our country.

    When Snow gets a break from disseminating propaganda for the Bush administration perhaps he'll be taking questions from the press. We, the public, have got a legion of unanswered questions about what happened on 9/11/2001. We can't get to the bottom this matter despite the president's own investigating commission, known in some circles as the "Ommission Commission." We can’t even get the current crop of investigative journalists and media reps, who we’ve been told by President Bush, you know but elected to take the job anyway, to investigate and give us the information we desire. (Click on the link to the right of this page for examples of the kind of rational questions thinking Americans have about the details, as told by our government; we want clarification of the fantastic explanations we've been given of what took place that tragic day in our history.)
On the law suit filed by Bianca Nardi, a producer for nearly six years for Maury Povich's tv talk show. The suit names Maury Povich, his production company, his television show's executive producer Paul Faulhaber, and his alleged mistress Donna Benner Ingber as defendants in a sexual harrassment case. The plaintiff is seeking at least $100 million:
    All Povich had to do was name the baby's daddy and go home. Have all these people been booked on Springer, yet?


Anonymous Blissed said...

I have a curious question...

What exactly is GW Bush's philosophy? I can guess his priorities and even his "agendas" for the "good" of the American people but he got me confused on philosophies.

(please edit my spelling, sorry.)

8:56 PM

Anonymous you said...

Thank you for commenting. The answer to your question may (?) be found on the Internet. If you search the terms "president bush's philosophy" you will find, as I did, myriad articles offering what the authors believe is his philosophy. Sometimes they even quote the chief. For example: in an article from Novemeber 2004 written by Richard M. Stevenson of the New York Times, GWB is said to have chosen the word "resolve" as "the characteristic to apply to himself. 'I am a very determined person,'he said."

BTW, your spelling is perfect.

11:29 AM


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