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Friday, May 12, 2006

Clark Gets The Scoop on PRINCE and GIRL6, Too

From the You Think What Dot Com Mail Bag a letter to our ace investigative entertainment reporter Clark Dark.
"Listen.. Mr. Dark...GIRL6, here. I am an aspiring gossip/entertainment writer, sports fan with an interest in all things about the stars. I'm an entertainment addict. I happen to love everything about the stars, about music, about movies, etc.---true or not----and I would love to put "a bug in your ear" now and again about the celebrities and things celebrities do which may be of interest to you, to those you report about, and to those you report to at YouThinkWhat.com.

I'm just getting started in the biz. This is really more forward than I usually am, but I can tell you a few things now and then;

If you care to know about one particular special interest of mine, that would be the artist, we know as PRINCE. The one thing I "heard" today is "The 3121 Report" which is saying PRINCE is planning some shows for the good people of Las Vegas, Nevada, on May the 27th and 28th. (If you didn't know, "3121" is his latest release of new music and it is a HOT item!).

He will have as his special guest Miss Tamar Davis his latest protégé whose debut release comes via NPG Music on June 13th. I am 100 percent positive those shows will be awesome as are all his shows.

There is also word of a contest he is currently running. Seven (7) lucky winners will enjoy a private performance by PRINCE at his home in Chanhassen, Minnesota. (It's a lovely little town just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. ---and,yes I have been there!!). This girl would love to be apart of that private performance, but my escapades with the little man are well documented already---in my mind.

That is it. I am just hoping you can use this little tidbit. Don't want to take up too much of your time. I hope we can work together.
Clark Dark did not get to be our ace investigative reporter because he is shy.
Here is Clark's response:
"Hey GIRL6...if you're a SIX, can I be your Nine? I promise I'll be FINE! We can work together. The powers that be dig your style. So it's a go.
Actually you should know, I work better under the covers.
I'm your..."Undercover man", Clark!
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