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Monday, May 01, 2006

J.K. Galbraith Dead at Age 97

The renown economist, teacher, author and lecturer John Kenneth Galbraith died Saturday in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was 97.

During his long career Galbraith served as speech writer to presidents Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kenedy, and Lyndon Johnson. He was ambassador to India under President John F. Kennedy. Addtionally he helped conceive of President Johnson's Great Society program and wrote a major presidential address outlining its purposes. Galbraith is remembered as having been an influence on the Democratic Party and its leaders.

In 1958 he wrote "The Affluent Society" a book that re-examined our national values. In 1996 he updated it as "The Good Society." This time he said his previous concerns about the country had only worsened: that if anything, America had become even more a "democracy of the fortunate."


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