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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

230 Years Old and Counting: America's Birthday

Happy Birthday United States of America!
Happy Birthday YouThinkWhatdotCom!

Happy Birthday United States of America!
Happy Birthday YouThinkWhatdotCom!

We're celebrating the 230th anniversary of the birth of this great nation.
We’re also celebrating our first anniversary on the Internet. Wow! It’s been just 12 months ago that we began to say what we think. A year ago we invited you to join us and tell us what you think, too.

We began during this time last year to celebrate and exercise the right, our American Constitutional right, to express our thoughts.

We’ve noted from the start of this site that the rights of American citizens are being abridged everyday. Each day the Congress of the United States and the Supreme Court of the United States are removing more of our freedoms in an effort to support the agenda of the current president and his minions of neo-conservatives.

We say to you citizens of the greatest experiment in the history of the world
WAKE UP! SPEAK UP! Freedom is precious. We support our young men and women, many of them the best and the brightest, who, because they are less fortunate not to have been born of financially rich parentage, are making the ultimate sacrifice fighting to maintain freedoms that some would take away.

This July Fourth as you join in the festivities and sing the lyrics of the familiar patriotic songs remember the displaced people of the Gulf Coast, especially the current and former residents of the City of New Orleans; think of all the soldiers and all the people of Afghanistan and Iraq trying to make a life in the midst of the ultimate in disruption by the greatest nation.

Think about the founding fathers. Do you wonder if they would have been in support of the actions being taken by today’s government? Think of the future of your children. A nation’s children are its most valuable asset. Meditate on these things as you consider the corruption of our election system through wholesale re-districting of congressional sectors to the electronic manipulation of the vote, to benefit incumbents and their political parties, and racial profiling of the voter rolls. This kind of corruption occurs in other nations. Twenty years ago we would never have thought of this country’s elections being as corrupt as those of some dictator led banana republic.

When you sing those patriotic lyrics just remember, it’s not just America you want God to bless. It’s the entire planet that needs grace and blessing.

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