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Friday, July 21, 2006

Bush Addresses NAACP Convention: A Review (continued)

After nearly five years of ignoring the oldest organization for the advancement of American blacks, President George W. Bush finally makes an appearance at the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NAACP,held this year in Washington, D.C. Our review continues...

His repeated emphasis on ownership is very revealing. He insisted ownership was the way, is the way to get ahead, but is it? Was not this problem caused by ownership by whites of other people? Is it not ownership that allows certain individuals and corporations to own everything? If wealth were not passed on would it ever be able to concentrate in families like the Bush family? Does not inheritance lead to the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer? When slavery was abolished many white people had wealth to pass on to their children. If you were formerly owned you sure didn’t have anything to pass on. It is like starting a game of Monopoly with no money. How can you ever get ahead? Is that maybe partly why so many black people were living in the slums of New Orleans?

Yes, everyone would like to own something, a new car, a new house, you name it. But ownership itself has a lot to answer for, especially when ownership is arranged so that those who have get more and more. We all come into the world naked. If we all started with the same financial wealth the world might be a better place. After all just because some family has owned something for two thousand years maybe does not give them the right to continue. Maybe it is time someone else had a turn. Remember when you were a kid the teachers and the adults used to make everyone take a turn? Somehow it is not like that as an adult, if you have been privileged your whole life then of course that means you should continue to be privileged and if you have been abused and discriminated against your whole life then you should expect that to continue. What if we truly were born equal, not only physically but financially too?

The world belongs to all of us not just one person, so why is it when a new person is born the whole entire world belongs to someone else because they were there first. Shouldn’t the whole world automatically cede a part of the world to the new person as their right as a new person instead of concentrating the wealth and ownership of the land into the hands of just the few?

In days long gone a man could only keep as much land or food as he could personally protect no matter how strong he was. Now one person can own thousands upon thousands of whatever that he cannot possibly even use while all around are those who have nothing. That is what ownership allows, and big armies and big police enforces.

The core reason why blacks are not economically equal in this country is that they are a minority. If they ever became a majority then you would have to watch out. It might not be better, it quite possibly would be worse, but then it is not like blacks have ever really had a chance to get used to power and how to use it judiciously and make it appear like you are not tilting the scales in your favor.

All in all the appearance of George Bush was well worth the wait. Hell I could have waited another ten years. I would have been happy if he never appeared. If it weren’t for the fact his rating among all Americans is very low, and the fact there are mid year elections coming up in the fall and the Republican party stands to lose a great number of seats in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate, we’d probably never have seen the face of this man at the NAACP or had the privilege of listening to a racist president talk about how he comes “from a family committed to civil rights.” Personally I could have passed on ever hearing another speech full of platitudes and lies.

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