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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada, Maxwell Smart and the Terrorists

A few words about terrorists....

The U.S. isn’t the only country that has found "alleged" terrorists inside the country. Our neighbors to the north, Canada, always feeling the need to keep up with the Joneses, their neighbors to the south, have found several wanna-be would-be terrorists who are guilty of the most heinous fantasy terror crimes.

They planned to cut off the head of the Prime minister and several other expendable politicians, and throw their bodies off roofs. Plus they were going to attack and take over the Canadian Broadcasting Center. How’s that for pie-in-the-sky plans? The CBC is a behemoth without a head, so how were they going to take it over? Canada’s leaders are protected like the leaders of any other country. How did they really think they were going to get close enough? Were they planning on waltzing in with Tanks, and a full militia? Get real, they would have been dead before they got close. Unless of course it was Operation Stand Down and someone let them waltz right in reminiscent of what happened with jets at the twin towers.

What was amazing about 9/11—Operation Terrorize the Civilians-- was that they even got close, and they did it with box cutters. What were the Soviets thinking all those years? Forty years of cold war and they could have done damage with a few box cutters. All those years they were afraid to attack thinking we would have blown them out of the sky, not knowing they could attack us and fly home before George and crew finished reading a children’s story. Rogue jets are flying across the country and we do nothing, who would have guessed? No wonder we are so afraid of terrorists from other countries. Doesn’t matter that most of them don’t even have jets or boats that could fly here. What if they did?

For some other terrifying terrors read this:
We in the U.S. have a government that has successfully captured some very dangerous
suspects. One of these terrifying villains planned to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch. It would have been fun to watch him try. How many hours do you think it would take? They could have filmed it live on the comedy special. And if he was even remotely successful—managed to take out even one steel girder before he was shot down, the girder probably would have fallen on his head.

Previously there was the mad shoe bomber. Taking a lesson from American television's Maxwell Smart he put his bomb in a shoe and then took it off and tried to light it. Unfortunately it wouldn’t light. One match, two match, three match four—sounds like Max Smart. He was eventually arrested when someone complained about his smelly feet.

Then there was the "terrorist" who ran off the jet in Miami, waving his arms and yelling he had to get off. (See youthinkwhat.com Friday, December 09, 2005). Appears he forgot his meds. They shot him dead when he was outside the plane. He certainly couldn’t do damage to the plane out there, but they shot him anyway, when really if they were worried about a bomb they should have tackled, or wounded him and asked him where it is.

WARNING: Don’t act weird on a plane or you may be shot. Please be advised we decide what is weird and what is not and keep it in highest top secret confidentiallity. You will never know what we consider weird until you are shot.

Then there are the several Muslim terror suspects recently arrested in the Miami, Florida area, who fantasized about conducting acts of terror against the United States of America. There have been, so far, no real connections found, by the federal investigators of these suspects,to any terror groups such as Al Qaeda. And here is the biggie: the CIA or the FBI, had actually infiltrated them, and are believed to have been inciting them--while at the same time knowing they were no where near a state of readiness to implement their fantasies.

Meanwhile, known terrorists, with real ties to real international terror groups, who did shoot down a Cuban passenger airliner, continue to reside in the same area in Florida with the protection of the U.S government, and enjoy the same freedoms as you or I.

Makes me feel safer. Real terrorists who really know how to shoot down a passenger airliner, with men women and children and a girls soccer team onboard, wandering the streets of Miami with U. S protection, while we capture the Shoe Bomber, the Blow Torch Wacko, the harmless man who forgot his meds and the wanna-be when-I-grow-up-I- am-going-to-be----terrorists. I feel safer already.

What a country, eh? Forget about the candles and fireworks, on our birthday we should drop bombs. Oh yeah, I forgot, we are already doing that. Too bad we can’t see the live feed, and the bombs when they drop, explode in color. May we recommend red, white and blue?

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