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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nicky O Hilton Boutique Hotels to Open in Miami and Chicago

Nicky Olivia Hilton, sister of the other Hilton heiress, Paris, has gone into the family biz.

Nicky Hilton recently announced her newest venture, Nicky O, a premier luxury hotel brand will be opening later this year in Miami, followed by another "boutique" hotel to open in Chicago. World renowned designer Roberto Cavalli will design a luxurious 5,000 square foot penthouse suite at Nicky O South Beach. The new hotel will combine the look and feel of a classic French Regency destination with the glamour of modern Hollywood. Room rates range from $300 per night to $5,000 per night for the rooftop penthouse suites.
"Having grown up in the family business I certainly have an understanding of the day-to-day operations at a successful property. With the Nicky O brand I'm looking to combine that knowledge with my entrepreneurial passion in the design world and create an environment that hasn't been seen before."
Hilton is involved in every aspect of the redesign, from all common areas to the guestrooms, including several "grand" suites at each hotel, as well as the more personal levels of accommodation including designing of the staff attire and selecting specific scents and amenities for each property.

Nicky O South Beach has 94 condo suites, selling from just under $500,000 to over $7M. Buyers will get privileged access to the Nicky O lounge, expected to be one of South Beach's most popular hot spots.

Nicky O on the legendary Ocean Drive in the Breakwater building, the first of the Nicky O hotels -- an all-suite hotel/condo property -- will debut this November in Miami, just in time for Super Bowl in Miami 2007!

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