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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another New Reality Television Program Idea Featuring: Michael "I'm-No-Racist" "Kramer" Richards

Following in the great tradition of those legendary television producers such as Norman Lear, Grant Tinker, Fred Silverman, and Roone Arledge, the staff at YouThinkWhat has developed yet another television programming idea. Just as before, an idea taken right out of the headlines of today's, or yesterday's, news.

As a sequel to the other 21st Century Fugitive series' spin-offs, this time we propose a reality tv program starring Michael "Kramer" Richards. No longer "second-banana" you will see Richards in what is sure to be a hit when the viewers will be following Michael as he travels all across this great nation in search of the men whom he insulted in the comedy club on that fateful night in November 2006, in Los Angeles, California.

In fact the show's title: "21st Century Fugitive: In Search of N-----s to Apologize To" would feature people of all races who were in attendance at the show. They would be interviewed to get their take on how they felt, what they thought when they heard Richards spew those horrid invectives. Just what was in their heads. Did they think the expletives were part of his comedy routine? Did anyone in the audience suspect he was genuine in his expression directed to two audience members? Were any patrons offended? Did some customers just think, "This man has lost his damn mind!"? Some people might even offer descriptions of the men in question or clues as to who the men are or where they might be located. Each week the camera crew will follow Richards to various cities and comedy nightclub locations around the nation; after he introduces himself, "My name is Michael Richards and I'm no racist." He then asks the question, "Are there any N-----s here to whom I owe an apology?".

Viewers will tune in to see if, and when Richards gets tossed out on his butt or the ass-whippin' some believe he so richly deserves after his standard familiar cliche introduction and query; while he explains why the N-word is a compliment, the etymology of the word and how it originally referred to people from the Niger region in Africa; how it was actually a term of respect to kings, and such. Besides, "a lot of cool people use the word." Michael might even say how when he uses the term it simply means "I love you."

From time to time the show would feature other racists who desire to apologize such as: Trent Lott, David Duke Jeffrey Lurey or George Bush--senior or junior, take your pick. Members of the television audience would be encouraged to send in the names of their community's favorite bigots who they believe wish to apologize for rude and unseemly behavior. When the program and its crew with the star, Richards, comes to your city or town that individual who has been nominated to make an apology accompanies Richards in search of n-----s to apologize to. This is an entertainment vehicle whose time has arrived.

This is real reality television. "You-really-gotta-see-this-tv" at its best. FOX, CW, ABC, CBS, NBC, BET ....holla.

Editor's Note:
Black people will enjoy this reality program, too. It will likely be known by a different name; millions will tune in weekly to "Watch this fool get his ass kicked", week after week, after week.

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