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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Election Fix is In...by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela??

In a recent report the Bush administration has expressed concern thatPresident Hugo Chavez of Venezela, a long-time Bush foe, could tamper with the election results in this country.

The staff of YTW finds this difficult to believe since the administration of our President George W. Bush has been telling the voting public its just impossible for anyone to effectively control the outcome of an election. (Many people here in the U.S. believe that the Third World has been brought home. They suspect there was thievery in the elections of 2000, 2004 and in an offhanded remark, Karl Rove, the man behind the screen, predicts the Republicans will be victorious again.)

Well Mr. President and crew if this is so why is the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)investigating this matter. We understand the coporate public relations answer from Smartmatic and Sequoia, the companies that manufacture touch-screen voting machines used in several states including Florida; and all the principles involved is, the usual blather about how they "welcome the investigation. In fact we requested the government to look into this matter" after the heat was turned up on the subject, it was reported in several major newspapers, that a foreign government is investing or has ownership in a company in this country that makes voting machines.

You can thank Rep. Carolyn Maloney,a Democrat from New York, who said she welcomes the formal review after she asked the government in May to examine the takeover of Sequoia, based in Oakland, California.

As usual this news item has more twists and turns than a Pennsylvania Dutch soft pretzel....stay tuned...election day in the United States is only 5 days away. If the Republicans win again with the same outrageous numbers as in the past two elections, we'll know for sure they did in fact steal the elections after attending the "Hugo Chavez Seminar: How to Steal an Election Without Really Trying, and Live to Lie About It". We'll be able to say with certainty, "We Was Robbed--again!"

"The masses are far more likely to believe a big lie than several small ones."-Adolf Hitler

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