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Friday, November 03, 2006

Harold Ford, Jr of Tennessee: Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate

Harold Ford, Jr. is a 36 year-old, single young man running for election, as a Democrat, for a seat in the United States Senate. We think it is commendable when a citizen "throws his hat into the ring". We think it is especially admirable when a candidate with Ford's education, background and political experience enters a contenious race for office. And now that some Tennessee Reublicans, with the help of the National Republican Party, have played the "race card" with regard to the candidate and his association with white women we would like to have our say, "So What!?"

Everybody likes white women. White men like white women. Short men like white women. Latino men like white women. Tall men like white women. Black men like white women. Henry Gandolph likes white women. Asian men like white women. Some white women like white women. In fact from lookin' at the candidate's features, if we conduct a geneology search we may indeed find some white women or white men in it his family.

....and although a few seemingly clever Republican apologists, read that bigots, are attempting to make light of the ad which uses the manipulation technique called "negative identification", the statement the ad makes, paid for by the Republican National Committee, does undoubtedly present "a powerful innuendo that plays to pre-existing prejudices."

It reminds us of the time a few years back when that famous, controversial black football athlete and that popular white tv actress appeared in a scene wherein she suddenly showed up in the team lockerroom, wearin' nuthin' but a towel, just before a Monday Night Football game. Yes, it was preposterous. Viewers were required to go beyond willful disbelief in accepting such a thing could happen. But note: nobody in the Philadelphia Eagles Front Office, nor executives at the ABC Television Network nor producers of ABC Sports or Monday Night Football were laughing when a certain segment of the viewership made hateful phone calls to complain, and express their displeasure with what they saw on the preceding Monday night. Seeing a black man and a white woman in what "looked like" a compromising situation brought out so much ire from tv viwers across the nation that you could hear the rush of the wind as those NFL and television executives were scramblin' to distance themselves from what originally had been thought to be a "cute, funny, clever ingenious idea"

To quote the wise administrator of this site:

"So what? I prefer Democrats who like white women to Republicans who like young boys, and Republican House Speakers who cover for them!"
Henry Gandolph, YouThinkWhat, Site Administrator

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