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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ruth Johnson Colvin, Literacy Volunteer To Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Ruth Johnson Colvin will receive the presidential Medal of Freedom on December 15, 2006 in a ceremony at the White House in Washington, D.C..
Mrs. Colvin founded the Literacy Volunteers of America more than 44 years ago to battle the literacy problem in Syracuse. She has also been awarded the Volunteer Action award by President Reagan.

"...I can't understand a life without reading. Can you imagine not being able to read a medicine bottle if you had a sick child?"
It appears Mrs. Colvin has been fighting a losing battle. At the time Colvin began her crusade literacy was a problem in third world countries. Today literacy is an issue faced by our president, personally, along with many average Americans. It is only fitting that a George Bush, who, himself, can barely read, should be president when Mrs. Colvin is awarded the Presidential Honor. We all know Dumbya prefers to award and reward the failures in his administration.

If you can read this post consider yourself fortunate. Imagine how much more you can do if you can read and write.

As for Mrs. Colvin, we respect, honor and admire you, we only wish your award had been given in less ironic times, in times in which you were really given the respect which is your due.

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