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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


We would like to amend our comments posted yesterday pertaining to the Terrell Owens, star wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys,

DeAngelo Hall, corner back of the Atlanta Falcons, spitting incident, especially now that the National Football League has decided to levy a fine against Owens; $35,000, the largest of its kind for such an action. Many would say Terrell is again setting records, and making history in the NFL

It is plain to see the NFL would rather have Owens spit than talk. It seems it is to his advantage to spit rather than talk. If you recall, last year because he had so much to say about the Philadelphia Eagles organization, its management, and its quarterback Donovan McNabb, Owens was suspended from playing the game he loves. He not only was prohibited from playing the game, he lost money and the opportunity to improve his record as the best WR in the professional football league. After the grievance was filed on his behalf by the union, the NFL Players'Association, a new clause, (called the Terrell Owens Clause), was added to the labor agreement between the parties to restrict teams from retaliating, unfairly affecting a player's ability to earn a living, particularly when he says things that the owner, in this case Jeff Lurie, doesn't like.

This year the NFL has deemed spitting to be less offensive than talking. The version of the story Hall relates, suggests Owens deliberately spit on him during a heated exchange on the field following six plays in the first quarter of Saturday's game between Dallas and Atlanta.

A corner back with less professional experience complains, after the wide receiver apologized for spitting, which we believe was probably an accidental spraying in the heat of an argument, and it costs Owens $35,000.

We saw the interview Owens gave with Deion Sanders and company. Sanders seemed to be saying what we are amending our comments to say, "T.O. please do not talk." We would further add, "Perhaps, even though it's a filthy thing to do, you should just spit."

We would also like to add two more titles in the "Little T" series of books for children co-authored by Owens. These titles are, "Little T Learns He Should Shut His Mouth" and "Little T Learns If You Can't Shut Your Mouth, It Is Better To Spit Than Talk"

How's that for civilized? But who ever said football was civilized? When you think about it football is a non-verbal sport, or at least that is the way the owners and most of the fans would have it be. In that case spitting is definitely non verbal

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Anonymous Dallas Cowboys Fan said...

I say to T.O.


To people who will have occasion to talk face to face with Owens, I advise:

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